20 Notable places in the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Coa

-Igreja Matriz de Vila Nova Foz Coa (*)
-Pillory of Vila Nova Foz Coa (*)
-Solar Visconde de Almendra (*)
-Best Castle landscape panorama with the Chapel of St. Gabriel (*)
And in Landscape. N. 332 between Almendra Almendra and Path Station Iron (*)
-Mata Miradouro of the executioners (Santo Amaro) (*)
-Miradouro S. Martin (Seixas) (*)
-Miradouro of Santa Barbara (Mos) (*)
-Panorama of the Shrine of Our Lady of Viso (Custóias) (*)
-Castle Numão (**)
Alto Douro Wine Region (World Heritage-UNESCO) (****)
-Douro River on Railroad Numão of Ash-Mos Douro station (*)
-Quinta do Vezuvio (*)
-Quinta Vale de Meão (*)
Coa Valley Archaeological Park (World Heritage-UNESCO) (****)
Core Rock Art of the Bank of piscos (****)
Core Rock Art of Penascosa (****)
Core Rock Art of the Inferno Canada (**)

Archaeological complex of Time

The rim of Ash Numão Archaeological Complex (**)
-Casa Grande Ash of Numão (Museum) with archaeological ruins (*)
Archaeological site and viewpoint of the Old Castle (**)
-Term of the Archaeological Complex (**)
-Villa Romana I do Rumanzil (*)
Other sites with some tourist interest:
Solar Cedovim
Hair of the lady in Chãs
Church of Our Lady of Angels, Almond matrix
Miradouro of Arnozelo
Quinta da Erva Moira and Archaeological Site
Pedestrian route around the rim of Ash Numão

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