2014 was the best year ever in tourism revenue in Portugal

We loved the other areas of our economy were as dynamic as tourism, Portugal hopefully improve your landscape, even better preserve its heritage and improve the way, even more friendly, a little alentejan and professional way receives tourists. The focus of this government, I so critical in many areas resulted here, to cut red tape, reduce the influence of politics in the sector, was also very good to bet on social networks and the subsequent invitation of world-renowned journalists in the industry to stay in Portugal for a few days and disclose by their countries, so we have appeared in the local and global rankings of best tourist destinations; also contributed to our excellent results instability being experienced in the Middle East, but here, is reason to grieve over the rejoice, because for me the evil of others is also my hurt.
Earnings from tourism in Portugal increased 12,4% in 2014, yoy, for 10,393 billion.
The record in the sector also extends to nights and hospitality of income, in which 2014 increased, respectively, 11% (for 46,1 million overnight stays) and 12,8%.

Good to know that both 2013 like now, in 2014, Portugal to its scale could grow three times more than the Spaniards, four times more than the Italians and two times more than the French.
By the way one vote, for what 2015 be the best year ever of tourism in Portugal.

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