6 Notable Places of Counties Alvaiázere, Ansião Figueiró and Wine

The advice from Ansiao, Alvaiázere Figueiró and Wine, disclose along its length, a variety of landscapes, with significant changing over the 365 days a year through 24 noon. Green xistentas and quartzite mountains of the morphology of limestone mountains.
The region holds a natural heritage, patrimonial (highlighted here to Roman Villa and Tower Castle of the Counts of Best (*)) that blends with a variety of traditional cuisine.
We recall the reader that this region already has some tourist scrolls, because Figueiró Wine Malhoa was designated as' Sintra North », was raised to 'Office of Tourism', in the early 30 twentieth century and declared "Florida Villa of Europe" em 1998.

6 Notable local Councils of Ansiao, Alvaiázere, Figueiró Wine
Best of stately home Castle / Palace of Vasconcelos / Villa Romana (Santiago da Guarda-Ansiao) (**)
-Set Windmills and its panorama in the county Ansiao
Serra Alvaiázere (*)
-Church of Figueiró Wine (*)
-Cliffs of St. Simon with its river beach (*)
-Gazebo Cabeço Pedestrian (*)
Other sites with some tourist interest:
Hill Ateanha
Ruins of the Tower of Ladeia (Alvorge
Altarpiece of the main chapel of Floor Couce painted by José Malhoa
Virgin and the boy Jean de Rouen in the parish church of All Valley Tower
Eyes water Nabão in Elderly
Miradouro Wind mills and the Hill (Alvorge)
Gazebo and mills in Melriça (Santiago da Guarda)
Fluvial Beach Ana de Aviz

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