As 7 Wonders of the Alentejo chosen by vote and by us

The fashion of seven wonders caught, and now even our Alentejo chose their. The following is the election of the wonders of the Sierra Riverside district of Coimbra be aware.
My wonders in the Alentejo are not exactly these, but it is accepted because the final verdict was democratic choice over 80 thousand votes. Are congratulations in the Jornal Margem Sul Online, that with the support of several institutions and agencies undertook this event.
Eis as 7 Wonders of the Alentejo Top-rated:
-Évoramonte Castle (Estremoz) (**)
-Fortress Marvão and Walled Village (***)
-Portalegre Tapestry
-Lake Alqueva (Portel) (*)
-Medieval Vila de Monsaraz (***)
-Doors Beja, Aqueduct and Nora (Serpa) (*)
-Yard of the palace of Vila Viçosa (*)

And now we come to indicate the 7 Wonders of the Alentejo in Portugal chosen Remarkable:
-Historic Centre of Évora (World Heritage) (*****) and friends could come in here 7 wonders a few isolated monuments such as the Temple of Diana (***), a Sé (****), Church of San Francisco ...
-Fortress Marvão and Walled Village (***)
-Medieval Vila de Monsaraz (***)
-Forts and walls of Elvas (***)
-Cromlech Almendres (****)
-The Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vincentian Coast with its beaches, cliffs and Cape Sardão (****)
Also here could be Castelo de Vide, Dolmen of the Great, Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa, Castle Valong, museum in town Mértola, Roman Ruins of St. Cucufate. We love you Alentejo. And the friend who knows so well the Alentejo. What are his wonders?

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