8-Notable locations in Counties Celorico Beira and Ovens Algodres

It is the advice from Celorico Beira and ovens that come Algodres some of the best Cheese Sierra, but these counties are not only this wonderful delicacy, because it has a rich heritage, as one of the most remarkable villages in Linhares da Beira, Portugal or its archeology with scientific and touristic value. Unfortunately this region has been forgotten touristic itineraries. Urge then fill such injustice and such start by the example of our readers? For me I've done my part. Have a nice trip!

Notable Places of the Border Counties of Celorico and Ovens Algodres
1-Castle Celoria the Side (*)
2-Panorama Tor da Penha Prado (*)
3-Historical village of Linhares da Beira (***)
4-Necropolis of St. Gens with Bell Stone (Celorico da Beira) (*)
5-Castro Fraga da Pena (*)
6-Castro de Santiago (*)
7-Anta tenement (*)
8-Algodres village with its panorama (*)
Other places with tourist interest:
-Bridge Washerwoman
-Landscape road in Serra da Estrela, between Linhares da Beira and the Prado
-Termas de Santo Amaro in Linhares da Beira
-Termas de Santo António
-Solar Queijo da Serra da Estrela da Beira Celorico
-Church of Santa Maria da Beira Celorico
-Dólmen Corgan of killing
-Roman tombstone dedicated to the God Mercury in the mother church of Infias
-Necropolis of forced
-Chapel of Santo Cristo in Sobral Chichorro
-Landscape in the Juncais Bridge over the River Mondego
-Bridge Thief (Lageosa do Mondego) over the Mondego river

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