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Valor Universal (*****), Very Remarkable (***), Remarkable (*)


Notable Portugal is a cultural tourism company that organizes tourist-cultural visits, taking customers to notable unknown places or to places that our customers have been to but that are presented with a different look and with scientific rigor and that involves a lot of research.

7 Reasons to travel with Portugal Notable

Specialized guides

- Portugal Notable guides have a deep historical culture ( at the local level, regional e global), artistic and humanistic. The study is intense, reflective and rigorous made with scientific method, consulting bibliography, questioning experts in the subjects and who often accompany us,

Travel Slowly

Notable Portugal applies “slow travel” (travel slowly). It is a philosophy that suggests traveling unhurriedly. Take the time to enjoy each experience, slow down the pace and fully enjoy the moment. We offer experiences that allow us to immerse ourselves in the environment that surrounds us. We are against headless mass tourism, predatory and consumerist. For example, how good it is to appreciate Idanha a Velha, without the usual rush.

Humanism and Friendship

Human values ​​are the most important thing for us. The joy, affection and companionship are constant. We are a large family of travelers. We are sure to find new friends on our trips. Who travels with Portugal Notable several times will never feel alone.


In dozens of trips made, we never had to activate our Travel Insurance, which denotes the commitment to the safety of all of us. We do several recognitions to locations to analyze their accessibility, in relation to the bus and on foot for our travelers.
Our work promotes and prevents the safety of cultural activities, for both participants, as for technicians, because security is one of the essential requirements for the quality of service.

Differentiating the importance of places and works of art

Who travels and who guides must be able to differentiate artistic quality, aesthetics and history of the sites and works under analysis, although there is always some subjectivity in question (but not as much as it may seem), for this reason and since they were very young influenced by Raúl Proença's Guide to Portugal, the places visited are staggered with the following importance: Valor Universal (*****), Very Remarkable (***), Remarkable (*),
In relation to the Guide to Portugal and according to the person initially responsible for this project, Raul Proenca, this historical work that unfolds in five volumes with eight volumes and that was produced between 1924 and 1969, intends to be simultaneously a detailed tour of the country; an artistic repertoire; a work of sober descriptive literature; an anthology of our picturesque literature; a process, a testimony of foreigners about Portugal; and, finally a chosen bibliography of what has been written about our country, here's one of the best tour guides ever made.

Estabelecimento Saudável e Seguro

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Mandatory measures and rules that we will all have to abide by:
Temos a Declaração Estabelecimento Saudável e Seguro

Passeios de grupos personalizados

Temos uma longa experiência no sector, trabalhando clientes individuais e grupos que pretendam passear culturalmente.
A nossa equipa apresentar-lhe-á com rapidez e eficiência e dentro do seu orçamento as várias opções para o que pretende, quer seja uma viagem de negócios ou lazer, um pacote com todos os serviços incluídos ou serviços avulso conforme as suas necessidades.

Faça parte da nossa grande família

Beauty, Sabedoria e Alegria. Junte-se a nós!


Artigos Notáveis

Nesta secção encontra a descrição dos locais notáveis de Portugal. Se for a barra de navegação, nos "CONCELHOS DE PORTUGAL" encontra todos os artigos escritos por nós, organizados por Distritos e Concelhos. Universal (*****), Very Remarkable (***), Remarkable (*)

Castle Belvis (Sparrow-hawk) (**)- It is one of 5 monuments must visit the Knights of the Order of the Hospital in Portugal

Castle Belver, situated on the right bank of the Tagus river, num granite conical hill of steep slopes, is one of the finest Romanesque castles in Portugal and one of the 5 remarkable monuments of Knights of Malta (do Hospital) in our territory. The …

Historic village of Linhares da Beira (Celorico da Beira) (***)

Linhares da Beira obtained charter in 1169 granted by D. Afonso Henriques and in 1855 loses this status with liberal administrative reform. Linhares da Beira, located on the northwest face of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, is one of the most beautiful historic villages in Portugal. …

Historical Village of Castelo Rodrigo (**)- Christopher de Moura hero or traitor?

"Castle Rodrigo I kept the image of thirty years, when I first went there, an old decaying village, where the ruins were already only a ruin of ruins, as if everything were to dispose powder. now live 140 people …