Old Village Azevo (Pinhel) – Have you ever noticed this hill José Saramago?

In the three times that José Saramago moved to Cidadelhe (***), should be observed at a glance, and the distance without stopping, A Aldeia de Old Azevo. Let, because sometimes the readiness prevents us sometimes to see the obvious. Not that the author says: “If you can Look, see. If you can see, repairs.” (Blindness)?
Village is a ghostly place, unoccupied, but charming. Who sees the distance, Avista ruins pardacentas, surrounded by walls and coarse, no topo, circulate a strange house which is a tailored mill for Migrant.
The site is located on the western flank of Quartz Crest Marofa, to level of 667 meters. This small mountain guide, just settled in its ridge, two small towns and on opposite sides: that we are describing and Historical Village of Castelo Rodrigo (**).
Are therefore "manas", a dissimilar beauty; but a remembered and visited the other completely abandoned and forgotten but it should also be recovered and put to the service of tourism.
Admittedly Old Azevo, not have the scholarly heritage of Castelo Rodrigo, but instead has other interests, as humble vernacular ruins, circular dwellings that are remnants francs castrejos…or simply your landscape.

Walled village was swallowed up by rude hands that built a “Castelo rural”. As was only recently abandoned, I wonder what would be the reason for the residents inhabit site as wilderness, subject to weather a border climatically extreme.
The looting of the county Marialvas Pinhel
I just remembered, and I apologize because our scholars do not have the right to speculate, perhaps genetic memory of the "plunder of Marialvas. This reached nearly the entire county Pinhel, and associated with it, there is a sentence given by D. Afonso V, in 21 July 1481 "Ho Marichall against our reynos, and senhor of this villa Pinhell, Dom Fernando Coutinho ". It started with the punitive expedition that your child, D. Henrique Coutinho, gathering armed people, decided to attack Azevo, facto hair of people from this village are recusarem to make the side scuttles Castle Pinhel. Intoxicated by blood and sleaze of their condition, raged the punishment to the rest of the towns in the county of Pinhel and shouting Marialva! Marialva! Robbed, killed, destruíram and violaram.
It is your beautiful panorama. To feel your coverage if repair it that says Father Luís Cardoso in "Geographical Dictionary" published in 1758, "…Village, founded on a high knoll, where is the church, and discover lands seven bishoprics: of Viseu, Guard, of Coimbra, Miranda, de Braga, Lamego and do not Reyno de Ciudad Rodrigo of Castile. Avistão up several settlements, as the square of Almeida, Pinhel, Trancoso, Marialva, Meda, Longroiva, Villa Nova de Foz Côa, and many other towns in the province of Tras-os-Montes ".
Around, the terraces of olive groves, vineyards and almond, coexist, powerful quartzite layers with the local flora: juniper, executioners, holly and gorse.
The top of the village has been disfigured by a family who acquired a considerable area and turned the towering mill housing.
Almost all the buildings are crumbling and, the silence of the mountains and ruin, can evoke the daily grind, martyred, of its former inhabitants. The Old Village is Azevo with Bogalhal Velho (*), Cidadelhe (***) and Marialva (****) a beautiful tourist trail.

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