Dolmen Chapel of St. Brissos (Montemor-o-Novo) (*)- Lady of Deliverance, Lady waters

Dolmen Chapel of St. Brissos (Montemor-o-Novo) (*)- Lady of Deliverance, Lady waters

In this article and the next following we present two tapirs notable chapels located in the municipalities of Montemor-o-Novo and Mora, the traveler devoted reader of these obsolete and remarkable things ever noticed that we talk, respectively of the chapel of St Anta Brissos and Anta-Chapel Pavia. We will be so complete as regards tapirs notable chapels in Portugal and whose articles should be read in full to better understand their magical significance. If you have some spare time I advise you to read about:

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The tapir chapel of St. Brissos, situated near the village of that name in the parish of Santiago Escoural (it encloses itself in even the famous cave Escoural (***)), materializes in the exploitation and consequent Christianization of a Neolithic dolmens of the necropolis of San Brissos. The tapir chapel of St. Brissos was erected between mid-IR and mid-third millennium BC, fitting into the kind of chronologically “Megalithic Eborense”, whose notable example is “Dolmen of the Church of Commendation” (Montemor-o-Novo) (***). The chapel of St. Brissos tapir is dedicated to Christian worship of Our Lady of Deliverance is therefore also known; rather interesting name as the patient reader will watch a little further. The tapir chapel of St. Brissos porch serves as a simple chapel that has been added in the seventeenth century and is the little chapel of Our Lady of Deliverance, endowed with the altar which exposes the image and many ex-votos.

Tapir chapel of St. Brissos remaining five pillars about 3 feet tall and hat. Is completely whitewashed and plastered white the exception of a blue band at the base as is usual in this region. A stalwart lying prostrate on the exterior of the building and was removed to open the entrance to the chapel. If you observe carefully is still visible part of the mound that enveloped the tapir chapel of St. Brissos. Tapirs-chapels testify how Christianity had to assimilate the ancient pagan traditions that they managed to endure while surreptitiously.

The popular cult of the Lady of Deliverance tapir in the chapel of St. Brissos

In rich territory under the archaeological point of view (with numerous dolmens, cromeleques e Menir) sign up devotion of Anta chapel of St. Brissos "Lady of Deliverance", assigned to it an element of welfare and aid deliveries, calling so as fertility cults present in megalithic.

Who is Saint Brissos?

Are Brissos is a semi-legendary saint Portuguese, worshiped in the region of Beja. Born in Mértola, will have been the second bishop of Évora, being martyred by the Romans in 312. His cult is present in Alentejo, being patron with several settlements (Are Brissos, in the municipality of Beja, or our village we visited).

Ms. Waters

Regarding the Chapel of St. Brissos tapir was customary, at 2. Fair Easter, here come eat roast lamb. Also on Thursday the rise, after harvesting the cob, here gathered groups of people in the region to merendarem the afternoon off. Ah, and was a kind lady of the waters. Although not connected to these things the religious forum always like to be at peace with them, if not go to the case of the very remote chance they exist, and knowing that this lady were worked processions asking for rain, in drought years, I made it myself awkwardly and scoff because the clouds were very dark; perhaps riddled by Alentejo magical spirit lady said yes and there was a real downpour of water to scare the critter, I then had to curse the kind woman enough to cause the disorder targeting these travelers, so why not put us on the path and not immediately visited the cave Escoural. As this Lady of Deliverance would not let me go to the cave, avenge me because in her village of St. Brissos, an old woman told me that santa is strange, because he had a very intimate relationship with the Bishop Brissos and hence resulted a child, but this was betrayed to the Lady of the Snows ... as Lady of the Snows? And my interlocutor just shrugged the question ... well but still with its narrative. In years of drought, sites carrying the image of Our Lady of Deliverance for the Church of St. Brissos putting her back turned to the Holy, her ex-love, leaving your child in the chapel. Are shedding tears for being away from your child, and close to those who no longer loves, that make it rain. What the hell were hot thunderbolts and now this lady crying? But as you can see you have been unhealthy for me and I was calhandreiro ti, we take away. Let us stop loving offenses between sanctities and drafted motto in gold key that the tapir chapel of St. Brissos is inserted in the beautiful Alentejo countryside (the spring tarry friends) and is a place where dead (o megaliths), the desire of the living for a better healthy life expectancy and fertility (birth), love among the saints and pray the rain snared in unusual poetry. My tribute to the people of Santiago and São Escoural Brissos for having in its territory tapir chapel of St. Brissos who so lovingly respect and uphold.

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A comment Dolmen Chapel of St. Brissos (Montemor-o-Novo) (*)- Lady of Deliverance, Lady waters

  1. the arts says:

    The chapel of S anta-. Brissos, or Our Lady of Deliverance, in the county of Montemor-o-Novo, is a curious example of the adaptation, in the seventeenth century, a megalithic monument (adopt) a chapel for Christian worship. Until very recently, This cappella continuava to be found and instead of romarias. Fruit of the magnificent surrounding landscape, was customary, at 2. Fair Easter, here come eat roast lamb. Also on Thursday the rise, after harvesting the cob, here gathered groups of people from S. Brissos, Escoural and White House merendarem the afternoon off. In drought years, made him the processions Lady of Deliverance asking for rain. According to a legend, Our Lady of Deliverance and S. Brissos had a son, but the saint cheated on her with the Lady of the Snows. When people want rain will get the Lady of Deliverance, Lady or the tapir, the chapel leaving your child there. Bring it to the Church of S. Brissos where you put your back to the Holy. Are shedding tears for being away from his son and near the saint who make chova.As tapirs chapels testify, no fundo, how Christianity in rural areas had to assimilate the old folk traditions that have survived well although with different names and forms. I would advise a visit to the chapel S anta-. Brissos in April, May. The scenery is always magnificent, but in those months, and in normal years, the flowers fully invade the landscape, speckled with color fields, to lose sight.

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