Anta's Tapadão or Aldeia da Mata (Crato) (**)- A wonderful monument anichador cattle

A Anta da Aldeia da Mata or Dolmen of Tapadão, that stands out in the Alentejo countryside is a monumental granite megalithic Neolithic Period, visible to the left on the road Crato-Aldeia da Mata. Has great size and is in good condition.
The camera consists of seven esteios far reaching, which is crowned by a huge stone (MESA your chapéu). It has the imposing height 3,8 m com 4 meters in diameter. Still has a long corridor with about 11 meters long face accurately for spring, moreover, as almost all tapirs and their meaning was explained in the article Anta Arquainha (Oliveira do Hospital) (*).
Spectacular, and perhaps it is this that gives the name of the tapir, is the existence of a large subcircular posted on vertical slab supported on pillars of the chamber and corridor (guillotine) that "slap" the camera by the eastern side, leaving free, u small entry below it, thus separating it from the hallway.
The mound is still noticeable, although it has been partially eroded. The camera itself is still partially buried, giving the idea that has a lower height anta, one that actually has.
We are facing a tapir, similar to tapirs Zambujeiro (***) ou do Silval (*), both the municipality of Évora, orthostats with fond and very well-equipped large geometrical rigor. Mas that great "architects" neolithic!
Notice the vertical dimension and the mainstay of the headboard and with remarkable monumentality, the same applies to the magnificent stone table, having a fossete excavated at the top (I get the question whether it is natural or artificial), with 25 cm diameter.

Sit down a bit and notice the silence Site, the beauty of slightly undulating landscape of the Alentejo plain lose sight, the mystery of the place with many dimples on granite outcrops, constituting some pretty pedunculated blocks, contribute, further, to the allure of the Anta Tapadão.
Sign up to the municipality of Crato is rich in traces dolmen, about 40 dolmens inventoried
When it was excavated it was found a significant collection of ceramic vessels, arrows, Knives, axes, female ornaments, human and animal bones, one staff and boards idol (one that is unique in the peninsula), in memory of the Goddess Mother Earth.
How to get there
There is information board by the road about 2 km from the village of Mata towards the Crato. You must enter a private property close the gate and walk to the tapir walk. The cattle will be observed him in ambulation, but do not worry we are not bulls…but do not rely, because "not every bush is oregano"!
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Good trip and be happy!

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