Já be up to the Rua Augusta Arch (*) (Lisbon)

"From today we can climb to the Arco da Rua Augusta. The view is a poem and a breath of fresh air this summer day " 1
Not had the pleasure of climbing the Arch of Augusta Street still, but soon I will not be walking but lift. I'm waiting for someone to pay me the gift of € 2,5 (I am idle) but whatever rating they love and disseminating the remarkable sites always deserve a sweetie.
After seven months of repair and an investment of about € 950 thousand, fully supported by funds from the Lisbon Tourism Association, Arch of Augusta Street is visitable; the trip will cost € 2,5 and can be visited from today and will be done by an elevator with a capacity of about a dozen users. For security, raised by the National Authority for Civil Protection, will only be able to be at the top of the arc about 35 people simultaneously.

Arco da rua Augusta

Arch of Rua Augusta

"O arc já lá is ha 138 years, but it is like new. Before it was all black, Now people can see all their fantastic details. We have several sights in Lisbon, but this allows a very close relationship with the Low. Rua Augusta is like a tapestry. And it seems that we are in the first balcony of a concert hall, What is the Palace Square "are words of Victor Costa Chief ATL. The gazebo will be open daily from 9am to 19pm,
It's great news for Lisbon, and Portugal, thus will have a further positive aspect of the application from Baixa to the World Heritage, but before and in the year 2014 or 2015 we the Capuchin Convent with a strong chance of getting this title. Oh and this year we went coimbrinhas we deserve such a gift.
Credits Photographs and further information on City by your fingertips. (1)

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