São João das Arribas (Miranda do Douro) (**)- Memories of Emilio Baleso

As Cliffs of St. John in Miranda do Douro, in the parish of Paradela, easternmost part of the national territory, are one of the most popular sights Natural Park of Douro International. Remarkable in Portugal have been described several notable sites of this magnificent Natural Area:
Sidewalk Alpajares (Ash Sword of the Tape) (***)
Gazebo Carrascalinho (Ash Sword of the Tape) (*)
Gazebo Alto Pirocão (Ash Sword of the Tape) (*)
Miradouro the Colado (Ash Sword of the Tape) (*)
Horse Mazouco (Ash Sword of the Tape) (*)
Penedo Durão (Ash Sword of the Tape) (**)
Arribas St Andrew (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)
Dam of Santa Maria de Aguiar (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)
Viewpoint of the High sapinha (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)
Landscape in Alva (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)
A little history of São João das Arribas
Not only is the stunning cliff carved on the Douro River which forms a grand canyon, because many are tourists, mainly Spaniards wandering here and the aim revoltear stones, because what come, though very stoked even has archaeological value. Let us see what they want.
As Cliffs of St. John, on the banks of Cannon River Douro river, were an ancient fortified town Zoela of the Metal Age (Late Bronze and / or the first age is at least this time the material was found) I continue with important occupation in Roman times.
The town still had a noticeable area 2 has, with circular shape. The wall formed by granite boulders, cut it to the Southwest to Northeast, who had access to Planalto Mirandês, with a line of wall, reinforced at the gateway, it was protected by a huge triangular bastion, and the most sensitive areas for vestments, which reinforces their exceptional natural defenses; these naturally safer on the banks of the Douro River, here we would have a sharp vertical drop of more than 150 meters, around the flank to the east.

The Emilio Baleso door flag Ala Sabiniana recognitions of the century
Abundant Roman inscriptions, one in honor of a military- Enrolled Balaesulus, who participated as a flagship of Ala Sabininia, the achievements of Britain, to Emperor Hadrian in the first half of the second century d.C. (yes, the same as the novel "Memories of Hadrian"). Just proves the involvement of the Roman army Zoelas, of which Pliny speaks, concerning the quality of your linen.
Currently on the first Sunday of May Day make up important festivities with outdoor Mass and procession. In the rest of the year, Are John Arribas, is visited by many people of good taste that is amazed by this magnificent landscape.
The landscape of São João das Arribas
Forget a little history, notice the landscape around you. Granites are over 320 millions of years, forming rocky outcrops, rounded stone balls here and there, where, unexpectedly, born, strong, the carrasqueiras. Then there are junipers, the oaks, the slave, the ash, vegetation typical of a Mediterranean climate with strong continentality.
And if you want thrills- Frua but try, the amazing granite geomonumento abrupt walls carved by the action of the Douro in recent 2 million years are the famous cliffs of the Douro. These soften up a lot when the river Douro, instead of granite (Rock Harder) tem to stick the shale (mass rocha brand).
Here flit mallard ducks, cormorant-of-faces-white and the Crane- real, while above the horizon is common to detect the quiet flight of the Golden Eagle, do Grifo, the Egyptian Vulture and Crow-peas-red.
But do not be fooled by the beauty, because it is only by soaked this and not careful you can go to the company Aemilius. When speaking on Romans, we will terminate with a sentence of Memoirs of Hadrian"So grateful to our community “Our true birthplace is that in which we launched for the first time a look of intelligence about ourselves.” Here probably have happened to many of us, as Cliffs of St. John they deserve it.

Thanks: The Remarkable been housed in Portugal Vileira (Vimioso) e visitou as Cliffs of St. John in Miranda do Douro to call this magnificent hotel and restaurant that supports the turismo cultural.

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