Calvary Chapel rental operator in the Tagus (Nisa) (*)- Known in Portugal any more baroque carvings in stone?

Beyond the beautiful Castle of Amieira do Tejo (**) there is another significant work of art here that values ​​the municipality of Nisa. We speak of Calvary Chapel, que está classificada como Imóvel de Interesse Público e tem no seu interior uma obra de arte original

Castle Belvis (Sparrow-hawk) (**)- It is one of 5 monuments must visit the Knights of the Order of the Hospital in Portugal

Castle Belver, situated on the right bank of the Tagus river, num granite conical hill of steep slopes, is one of the finest Romanesque castles in Portugal and one of the 5 remarkable monuments of Knights of Malta (do Hospital) in our territory. The …

Altarpiece of the main chapel of the Church array Escalhão (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)-Did you know ... here an unusual Christ observes his twin brother on the way to Calvary?

The municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo has three notable churches: the church of the monastery of Santa Maria de Aguiar (**), the church of Escarigo, with its chancel (*) and the mother church of Escalhão or church of Our Lady of the Angels (*) que passaremos

Gothic tower and bridge Ucanha (Tarouca) (***)-The most beautiful bridge in Portugal

The tower and Ucanha bridge is a unique jewel of the National Heritage. The Varosa Enchanted River valley Tarouca The municipality should always be in good thoughts of the Portuguese travelers, by their monasteries, its medieval bridges, o seu ambiente paisagístico algures entre

Dolmen of the Chapel of Our Lady of Mt. (Penedono) (**)-Cults entwining Terras do Demo

Dólmen Capela da Senhora do Monte

When I came to the Dolmen of the Chapel of Our Lady of Mt., somewhere in 2002, the day was cold, cinzento and chuviscava. The desconsolação dominated the harsh desert location in, removed from current humanity, and belonging to the Lands of the Demo, mas apesar disso o Dólmen da Capela da Senhora

Tower of Homage of the Castle of Pinhel (*)-is one of the most beautiful medieval towers Portugal

Keep of the castle of Pinhel

donjon of Pinhel Castle was sent to the king gift Dinis, and the structure of the old fence medieval Pinhel that is well preserved, having 800 meter perimeter. Apenas falta um pequeno troço que dá para o Largo Engenheiro Duarte

viewpoint Flag (Figueira da Foz) (*) – One of the most beautiful sights of the Portuguese finisterra

The Flag Gazebo is one of the most beautiful sights of the Portuguese finisterra. From Espinho to St. Peter Muel, with tiny break in the beach Pedrogão, the coastal strip is low, wide and sandy, interrupting with monumentality in the Serra da Boa Viagem, Cabo