Cottage Covão of Abitureira in Belver (Sparrow-hawk)-A haven waiting for you on the river Tagus (Article sponsored)

The northern region of the District of Portalegre, which is bordered by the Tagus river that runs embedded here and consists of the municipalities of Nice, Crato, Alter do Chão, Hawk and Castelo de Vide, It is forgotten of tourist itineraries of Portugal, … (Read more)

Church of San Miguel, Matrix Sword of ash-to-Tape (**)

The church Freixo array Espada-à-Cinta reminds, on a smaller scale, the church of the Monastery of Jeronimos (*****), abobadamento in Lisbon with the ships at the same height. It is a church-hall building sent by D. Manuel in place of a … (Read more)

The House of Calm (Moncarapacho) the leeward coast is an area of ​​prime cottages (Article sponsored)

Located in the heart of the eastern Algarve, Casa da Calma, is a magnificent retreat for those seeking peace, beauty, comfort and quality of service. While its prime location, very close to the motorway in the Algarve (Via do … (Read more)

21 Natural Wonders of Portugal

Already are known 21 finalists to choose the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal. We can all, from today's vote by Internet, SMS ou telefone. Voting ends the 7 September and this month will be known. the Azores … (Read more)

At Beginning of Year…

"Jerusalem’ is a great book, that belongs to the great Western literature. Gonçalo M. Tavares has no right to write as well only to 35 years: I feel like hitting him!” José Saramago- the allocation of speech prize to the … (Read more)

20 Notable places in the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Coa

-Igreja Matriz de Vila Nova Foz Coa (*) -Pillory of Vila Nova Foz Coa (*) -Solar Visconde de Almendra (*) -Best Castle landscape panorama with the Chapel of St. Gabriel (*) -And in Landscape. N. 332 between Almendra … (Read more)

Colina Verde Golf & Country Club (Olhão) (Article sponsored)

Situated in Moncarapacho Colina Verde is one of the best tourist developments in the Algarve. The environment around is magnificent tranquility of an immense. With 56 apartments, T1, T2 e T3, fully furnished and equipped. The Colina Verde Golf & … (Read more)

Coa Valley Archaeological Park-Article Daily News, by Maria Jose Margarido

“The Coa Valley would, no Upper Palaeolithic, heaven on earth, a place with such a magical microclimate that, this way, Spring resist not espraiar up until September – and with it the mating season among animals. … (Read more)

Inn Quinta de Santo Antonio where the Alentejo embraces baroque scholarship (Elvas) (Article sponsored)

Elvas is one of the most beautiful cities of the Alentejo because it has a rich monumental heritage, especially his monumental historical center (***) and their military strongholds (***), who are candidates for World Heritage. In Elvas … (Read more)

The tragedy of the Bridge of Boats, 200 years later- Historic Centre of Porto (World Heritage) (*****)

The tragedy of the bridge of barges, that occurred in the Port 29 March 1809, was a particularly striking image. It is a picture of an unknown author made by someone who, while the terrified population fled to bayonets and … (Read more)

Landscape in E.N. 332 Almendra between your station and railway (Vila Nova de Foz Coa) (*)

One of the most beautiful roads in order to see the "Almond Blossom" is the parish of Almendra and the road that goes to your station along the Douro river is magnificent. They're twelve kilometers, full of interesting site, … (Read more)

5 Notable Places of the Counties of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António

-Panorama and sheet set Cancela Velha (***) -Marshland Nature Reserve of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António (**) -Castro Marim Castle and respective panorama (**) -Core Pombalina of Vila Real de Santo António (*) -Extensive … (Read more)

St. James Church headquarters Adeganha (Mirandela) (**)

"This road leads to the village of Estevais, and then Cardanha Adeganha. The traveler can not stop everywhere, can not beat the all doors to ask questions and to heal the lives of people there … (Read more)

Caesar, Virgil, Jovian, António Belo and Mosaic over the Roman Empire discovered in Alter do Chão

A Roman mosaic of unique features found in Alter do Chão. It's the fourth century and represents the last corner of the Aeneid. Power will be seen from 21 May 2009. Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Otaviano, … (Read more)

My Loves

And so I realized the constant theme of almost all the films of Ingmar Bergman, many vi, some repeatedly, always fascinado and emotional, with the secret that was contained therein. And now thus realized that if we are spectators of … (Read more)

7 Notable local County of Nazareth

-Promontory Site of Nazareth with its panorama (***) -Visigothic church of St. Gião (**) -Nazare Beach (*) -Serra of fisheries and Beach Salgado (**) -North Beach (*) -Gábrico Mount St. Bartholomew / São Brás / Monte Seano … (Read more)

Historic Centre of Viana do Castelo (***)

Viana do Castelo is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. The sixteenth-century historic center is well preserved. Viana has a special aura and its brightness, their joy, laborious as suas people, They make us wish that all … (Read more)