Will demand of happiness our most important precept? I have some questions, given the subjectivity of the word "happiness" and even more for black and dark side that leads us to self-affliction (ahead). I only know that travel well is … (Read more)

Boutique Hotel o Poejo (Marvão) is an accommodation space that you'll never forget

The Boutique Hotel The four star Pennyroyal is an ideal tourist resort, in a certain region. It is located in San Antonio of Sand, a few kilometers from Mui Noble and Ever Loyal Town of Marvão (***), undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful locations … (Read more)

Core rock carvings of the Arroyo Robins-Archaeological Park Coa Valley (World Heritage) (Vila Nova de Foz Coa) (****)

After the first article left the Canada Core Hell (**), follows the extraordinary core of Ribeira Robins (****), not only by archaeological, but also for the exceptional landscape, especially in times of "almond blossom" or … (Read more)

The 77 monuments that were candidates of the Seven Wonders of Portugal 2006 and 2007

The choice of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, as regards to monuments, elected in 2007, the most relevant seven Portuguese heritage. The choice was based on 793 national monuments classified IGESPAR, which has been made a first selection, … (Read more)

Historic center Penamacor (*)- The birthplace of one of the most important figures of the European Enlightenment

3-Reasons to visit the historic center of Penamacor 1-At high grand panorama of the castle 2- The well-preserved medieval citadel highlighting its donjon, Tower Clock, the old Town Hall, the … (Read more)

Panorama of the Sierra Marofa (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)

It is a blot the landscape that can be seen from the top of the Serra da Marofa 976m tall. Avista practically all the "Border Transmontana", vast peneplaníce that goes up from Barca of Alva to the foothills of the Sierra Malcata, … (Read more)

Manueline Window of Tower House in Gouveia (*)

The Tower House in Gouveia municipality was built in the sixteenth century and was part of a solar, however that was being dismantled. Its highlight a remarkable Manueline window detached. The lot belonged to the first Earl of Gouveia, after … (Read more)

Village of Old Castle of Ash Numão (Vila Nova de Foz Coa) (**)

The Town of Old Castle in Vila Nova de Foz Coa, is an imposing place as a lookout and as "archaeological site" and that belies our usual theory of the "forts". "Why populations there 5 000 years- … (Read more)

Castelo de Penela (**)-is one of the most beautiful castles of the central region

Penela Castle Penela The Castle is one of the most beautiful castles of Beira Litoral, only supplanted by the colossus of Montemor-o-Velho (***) and equaling Leiria (**). The Penela Castle was part of the network of fortresses … (Read more)

Viewpoint of the limestone Sierra Alvaiázere (*)

Saw Saw Alvaiázere Alvaiázere, is the highest peak of the range of limestone mountains situated between Condeixa and reaching Alvaiázere 618 meters. Has a length of 7 by 3 Km wide and is a remarkable landscape element. Do … (Read more)

Igespar authorizing parking on traces of medieval convent (historical center of Coimbra)

It was one of the first great monasteries of the Dominican Order in Portugal but their exact location in Coimbra was confirmed only about a year, with the start of construction of an underground parking. The work had to stop … (Read more)

8 wonders of tourism in the county of Sambucus

Tourism in Sabugal inside the district of Guarda Sabugal the county has several attractions that deserve our commitment to disclosure, territory is peace (despite castles appears to indicate times of war and surveillance), cold and … (Read more)

Rock Art Center of Canada do Inferno-Archaeological Park Coa Valley (World Heritage) (Vila Nova de Foz Coa) (**)

Core Rock Art of Canada's Inferno For vistar this core is from the seat of the Archaeological Park of the Coa Valley, in Vila Nova de Foz Coa. The landscape to the place is far from beauty of cores … (Read more)

Island Beach Cabanas (Tavira) (Ria Formosa Natural Park) (**)

Island Beach Cabanas (Tavira) (Ria Formosa Natural Park) (**)

Island The island of Cabanas Cabanas (beach), Tavira is an Edenic areal. The crossing to the island is provided by small boats to fishermen who run the city. Cabanas island with only seventy meters wide and … (Read more)

Breech-Island Lighthouse (beaches) (Trail) (***)

Breech-Island Lighthouse (beaches) (Trail) (***)

Culatra Island The island of Culatra -Farol of Santa Maria is a paradise shaped beach. Repeats what is already said to the other islands of the Ria Formosa Natural Park (can read here on the Island … (Read more)

Solar dos Távoras in Souro Pires (Pinhel) (*)-One of the most beautiful palaces of the century Portuguese five hundred

Solar dos Távoras The beautiful Manor of Távoras which is disparaged, was built between the late fifteenth century and the beginning of the sixteenth century, at the behest of the Távora family that is linked to the history of the town of Souro … (Read more)

Heritage and landscape set Cancela Velha (Vila Real de Santo António) (***)

Heritage and landscape set Cancela Velha (Vila Real de Santo António) (***)

Cacela old Believe dear reader that still exists in a well preserved site Algarve, where man and nature come together in perfect harmony. Here, agnostics to suspect the existence of a generous God. Here Cancela Velha! … (Read more)