Landscape in Old Bogalhal (Pinhel) (*)- Place of forgetfulness or reunion?

There are beautiful places in Portugal and completely alienated from tourist itineraries, are lost somewhere in the mists of time and fell into oblivion. It is the case of this scenario grandiloquent Bogalhal Velho.
An example is the abandoned medieval village of Santa Maria in Porto de Vide, commonly known as Bogalhal Velho. It is a solemn place of immense scenic beauty.
Upon arriving we find the poetic ruins of a village, he had some important medieval, surrounded by shrubland, having just standing Gothic Skeleton Church (typical of medieval temples in the region), traces of houses and walls.

The location should have been abandoned in the late Middle Ages, similar to what happened with the neighboring village of Monforte Castle (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo); and may have been a strategic point in the defense of the Kingdom before Alcanices. In historical time zone beirã streak, due to its periphery, to its extreme climate and disputing with the neighboring kingdom, was always repulsive to human occupation during our nationality.
However the beauty of the place and the existence of a church, possible that the site continued to be frequented by annual processions for some time- that are always the last gasp of a dying town. Then even those ceased and the site was forgotten, until the mayor Pinhel, in good time, já and in the XXI century, made possible its accessibility.
The village is based on a granite hillock, with 500 m quota, and could have been a fortified crasto. This is limited by an impassable granite escarpment, excavated peel the Ribeira Goats, no remaining perimeter, would probably be surrounded by walls.
The Ribeira das Cabras and the Coa in Old Bogalhal
It is worth notável the fit of the Bank of Goats, which has here its mouth in the Coa River. The altimetry gap reaches a vertiginous 110 m.
The North wanders the magical river Coa, housed in the foothills of the Sierra Marofa, prepared to break the strong quartz wall and later breaking through river canyon in Cidadelhe (***) (this village is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Beira Interior). Saw, What is the compass of the region, emerges with all its splendor, from St. Anthony to the top of Marofa (**).
Here sit the Mustang mediterranean environment and is thought to the geological complexity; come up crocitantes agitated birds (we are in the area of ​​Natura 2000) Cutting the heavens and you hear the sound of water in the bottom link of the rock ... and the abyss, forever in perpetual attraction. It is a must for anyone who does Tourism Pinhel.

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  1. santos gamma

    Touched by reading and seeing the photo of the Old Bogalhal.
    I passed by there a few times with my little uncle Carlos Gama, hunting of partridges or a path to Ribeira das Cabras to put their nets to catch fish. My grandfather, that date was already ill . They told me then that the inhabitants had to leave the place because the lizards attacked children. Have some information about it?
    I am originally from Malta- Pinhel and would like to have more information about the revolt Souro Pires (Serpentine) against Junot's army and the maimed Laison celebrated that looted and burned the 1st French Invasion. If you can offer something- but?

  2. Susana Falhas

    Castile: Did not know this village so close to Mêda! Sometimes local disclosure failure ... I have much to learn from you! Can you show our true treasure and your passion for our country!
    Congratulations on posting!

  3. Joaquim Manuel Guerra

    quanta saudad my old Bogalhal, very young when I attended these ruins still with two arches and the altar, detruidores but our memories of these natural riches detruiram, but still does revive Aida in a remote past;
    save Santa Maria Porto da vid, also ensures that your image prasença in their old church bogalhal, where I was baptized, after sixty-one years of Brazil
    I still keep in mind your image and hearts an immense yearning
    Big Beach, 10 December 2011 estdo of Sã Paulo Brazil

  4. Rui Fonseca

    Joaquim Manuel Guerra

    The two pointed arches in the ruins are still there; one in the front that gives entrance to the narthex and another that connects the body of the building to the main altar.


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