Caldas de Monchique (*)-Sacred waters in Algarve

3 Reasons to visit the boilers of Monchique


-It is a haven of peace in the Algarve, and only 20 minutes from the beaches of Portimão

-For its great curative medicinal waters of respiratory problems, skeletal and dermatological.

-the natural environment that surrounds us, an oasis of greenery and fresquidão.

In Caldas de Monchique've had a few days off in recent years, interspersed with the beach of Alvor (***).
Sometimes I like to go back a few times to a website, to regain the energies without expecting anything unheard, and so did not get to the extreme of friends Baudelaire, that afoitos in search of different, always end up finding the boredom that left at home.
Here the annoyance is small, but just take a shower in this water that we get the feeling that we were lathered and lubricated by a nymphet, yes because we expect here the spirits of water are pleasant Cachopas; such greasing the skin is almost magical because we silken. As ninfetas, almost certainly rippled here, because the Romans erected bathhouses where today stands the complex thermal. Among the remains found several stands out a votive ara who testifies that there is almost two thousand years since the Caldas de Monchique were regarded as sacred waters, mean, that had to be merit medicinal baths (here).
A little history of Caldas de Monchique
A striking fact in the history of Portugal, was our Perfect Prince, Dom João II, in 1495 in desperation tried to save them from their fatal destiny (hidropisia / envenenamento), fact is that he died in Alvor, that same year. Portugal lost, Lost Humanity.
In the seventeenth century, under the aegis of the bishopric of Faro, promoted the development of Caldas de Monchique by building infrastructure that enabled the influx of patients from all walks of life looking for cure for their ills. This time remains only one tile wainscot, I never visited (the chapel of Monchique is always closed), with episodes from the life of Jesus and some excerpts from the old inn of Caldas de Monchique, also known as Dom Joao II, as demonstrated by the date of 1692 situated in the facades.

Caldas de Monchique ´têm um enorma valor curativo
Caldas de Monchique

In the decade of 1990, Fundação Oriente, acquires the spas to Enatur, having sponsored major projects, some of them controversial, and restoration of several buildings and spaces.
Around the old square "palace", Today the square of the esplanade, shaded by old elms, have, do sul side, the old casino, a building from the late nineteenth century, two floors, façade with cornice "castellated", with windows and doors in arabizantes arches.
All regions have their Sintra
Sintra sometimes sit here, Your hair typically hamlet of architecture characteristic of the end of the century. Nineteenth and the first of the twentieth century quartel, but also by the natural setting of water (sources, riverbanks and streams) and lush vegetation that surrounds, the resort also offers leisure and visual enjoyment.
For paths and tracks are plants of various types, as some secular pines, eucalyptus, medronheiros and camellias. The great secular Dao Arvor this whole corner shade and tranquility, being a nice area for picnics and also for dating would, if it were not estragadoras families of lewd cheers others, but anyway there is room for everyone. For example the Source of Love, rustic secluded place by banks and secured by eucalyptus ancestors, you can always give a beijufas the sound of the watercourse, interrupted by small Cascata artificial and flanked by large packs covered with moss.

I can not end this article without mentioning of course the quality of its thermal water springs at 32 ° C in a rock that does not abound in Portugal- or sienito nefelínico.
Sodium and rich in fluoride and bicarbonate, the thermal water of Caldas de Monchique is indicated for respiratory tract problems, digestive, musculoskeletal and, the level of beauty treatments, has strong moisturizing effect. Here we are more beautiful and healthier.
All this manancial, stemmed from this massive rocks nefelínicas, is extracted from a famous mineral water that is sold throughout our Territory. To read more about the bottled waters of Caldas de Monchique click here.

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