Application of Arrábida The World Heritage

Já was given the candidacy of Arrábida the World Heritage Committee at UNESCO International.
We hope that we will achieve our 15 classification this year, through the Arrábida or Coimbra. It would be great.
It was known the passion of Orlando Ribeiro by Capuchin Convent. Was fascinated with the force of forms, the variety of vegetation and human occupation of that territory. 'Until the Portinho, unfolds a Mediterranean typical and Portugal where the land mass of limestone strata and large fault scarps generate the most towering cliffs of the west coast of Peninsula, lofty a sea, Clear and bright, sheltered on windy quadrants Relief », wrote.

Some of its assets is degraded and can prevent the insertion of this illustrious list Arrábida list, here's just three examples:
-The landscape destruction that the quarries have caused the paunch large-scale Arrábida;
– The abrupt disappearance of fine sandy beaches Portinho, being replaced by a hideous and uncomfortable gravel;
-The abandonment and decay which governs the balance cultural values, as exemplified in the Hypogeum Moree.
I recommend that you consult (here) the optimal page of the application and see the movie and let soften for such charming.
Good luck and Arrábida Coimbra!

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