Chapel of St. Peter (Arganil) (*)- Gothic funerary chapel early in Beira Serra

Chapel of St. Peter (Arganil) (*)- Gothic funerary chapel early in Beira Serra

The chapel of St. Peter in Arganil is a rare example of early Gothic architecture in a region far from large urban centers, even more so when this style is adding a touch of Romanesque.
The austere chapel of St. Peter was erected in the late thirteenth century on the initiative of the lords of Arganil, in the reign of Dom Dinis.
The intention was to create a funeral chapel where they could be buried, which would not occur, eventually be buried in Santarém, where they owned several properties.
Due to his funeral function sepulchral chapel of St. Peter remained stripped decoratively and with tiny little cracks that illuminate the interior. The gloom of the interior and tiny cracks lead us to the Romanesque aesthetic.
Notable is its stone construction; masonry (loose stone), com sing (worked stones) just in cunhais and bows.
The lithology is varied with a lot of emphasis on the walls with rolled quartzites, from the adjacent quartzite ridge of St. Euphemia (includes Lady Montalto and Boulders Fajão), for the schist and portals that He has in its granite base and the rest and finish the arch of sandstone Buçaco, sandy and rock hard silificada the Upper Cretaceous.

Chapel são pedro arganil
The façade of the chapel of St. Peter presents three bodies denouncing the ships of the interior. In the central section topped by angular commitment, opens up a portal flanked by two Gothic buttresses. Over the door has become a niche, a stone which are still visible signs of the Portuguese coat with weapons and a crack.
Inside the three naves are separated by three Gothic arches spans which are based on pillars chamfrados. The ships are covered by wooden ceiling and the head is triple, formed by the apse and absidiolos.

Chapel of St. Peter (Arganil) 

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The chapel of St. Peter is one of the most interesting religious monuments of Beira Serra and how is the most important road Arganil, the National 342 easy it is located.
If you want inside the Chapel of St. Peter will have to call Mrs.. Albertina who is the guardian of the key, I have your phone number, but to preserve your privacy, I will give only if you ask me by e-mail ( and point me some pertinent reason to visit the interior of the temple.
Additional References: The input text is Alberto Martins de Carvalho, arganilense outstanding book he published a few pages on the Chapel of St. Peter in Portugal Guide, Beira Litoral Tomo I, Flight. III, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 1984). This guide originates in early work 1944, the 3rd volume of the Guide to Portugal, about “Beira Litoral, Add Beira Baixa, Beira Alta”, still under Chancellor of the National Library, pointing up, in the preface, that the position of editor now falls over a “core friends” Raul Proenca, after his death, in 1941.

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