Chancel of the Church of Mercy Ash Sword-a-Strap (*)

Situated on Jorge Alvares square, opposite Mother Church of Ash Sword-a-Strap (**), a Church of Mercy sixteenth century, is one of the most beautiful Manueline monuments of Tras-os-Montes. Its facade desornamentada, with a large portal wide staves Stylish Castile, is the opposite of its interior magnificently worked.
The ship is close, but quite high and elongated. The domed chapel is remarkable (*), either by the sumptuous baroque altarpiece gilded woodwork, with Solomonic columns and podium in canopy, but mainly for the beautiful granite dome polinervada completed only in 1555. The ceiling is polychrome em abóbadas of ribbing, curves and dense, departing from worked corbels and close in flower buds and heads of angels. Two natural closures appear a golden shield with the five wounds of Christ and a coat of arms. As chaves, heraldic and decorative, are precious, Renaissance has cut the sidewalls remain traces of frescoes. The exterior of the chancel has in interesting frieze with grotesque gargoyles prints.
One of the masters of the Convent of Christ, João de Castilho, Ash worked in the Belt Sword?
Some authors believe they have been in the construction of this chapel the influence of Asturian architect João de Castilho, an inspiration for the wild lands lusas, that after studying in Italy, came to Portugal in 1517. Worked in Convent of Christ in Tomar (*****), in Sé de Viseu (**), Monastery Alcobaça (****) and Jeronimos Monastery (******), having married in Ash Sword-a-Strap with the daughter of another noble Spanish refugee, whose family was linked to the founding of this Mercy. The risk of the lattice could not get out of the hand of a master mason provincial; we may be seeing a work output Inspiration João Castilho or a worthy disciple.

Anyone passing by the village, this is a must see gem Manueline; during its construction still breathed the honor and pride of discovery, while the distance, Empire crumbled. The phrase of our Camões, adapted by mim, corresponds to our biggest gap: weak leaders make weak people strong.
Ask the keys next to the Home of Mercy.

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