The House of Calm (Moncarapacho) the leeward coast is an area of ​​prime cottages (Article sponsored)

Situated in the heart of leeward Algarvio, a House of Calm, is a magnificent retreat for those seeking peace, beauty, comfort and quality of service. While its prime location, very close to the motorway in the Algarve (Your so Infante) e da Fuzeta beach (**), allows tourists to an offer of resources for everyone, can thus: to beach, the rest House of Calm or experience the local notables numerous eastern Algarve.
The House Environment Calm
The environment that surrounds the House of Calm is magnificent with carob, orange and almond. The building itself, was built in the early 40, with a typical rural architecture of the region, being acquired in 2001 by Nicole, who turned it into a magnificent space turismo rural.
A House of Calm has 7 double rooms and a suite, all with en-suite bathroom, conditioned ar e terraces facing the splendid outer space- consists of a heated swimming pool and a nice garden where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of nature. Also pets are allowed at the hotel.
Location of Casa da Calma
A House of Calm is located just outside the pretty village Moncarapacho, towards Santa Catarina.

5 Notable locations very close to Casa da Calma
1-Hill of San Miguel (Monte Figo)-Serra Head (***)
The Monte Figo has tutored throughout this region, is one of the most extraordinary sights Portuguese. Always been a very important authoritative point for sailors, since antiquity – the Greeks called it Holy Mountain or Monte Zéfiro/Favónio.
2-Roman ruins of Milreu (***). A luxuosa in romana, has magnificent Roman mosaics and one of the most spectacular Roman temples (um ninfeu) Iberia.
3-Interpretation Centre of the Ria Formosa Natural Park in Quinta do Marim (***)
In an area of ​​area 60 hectares, There is a magnificent rail discover nature, with a length of three kilometers which are represented some of the ecosystems of the Ria Formosa, a mill Tide, Roman remains, um opoultry bservatório, o chalé to Dr.. José Lúcio/Ecoteca, in new art, a barge tuna and the famous Ria Formosa kennel, where the lives Portuguese water dog, now also, famous resident of the White House Washington em.
4-Fuzeta Beach (Fuzeta-Armona Island) (***)
Part of the island paradise of Fuzeta-Armona, with its wonderful fine sand beach, and warm, calm waters. Enjoy, from Fuzeta, to give a unforgettable boat trip in the Ria Formosa Natural Park.
5-Historic Centre of Tavira (**)
It is simply the most beautiful town in the Algarve, with its many churches, their squares, the roofs of scissors, the gate, o rio Gilão, the castle, The buildings laced with liberal bourgeois character of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the grilled fish magnificent ...
Nota final:
In House of Calm spend a memorable stay, because here all we found our good karma, in a family atmosphere where high quality will be welcomed and served in an excellent manner. Here we dream and rejuvenate protected by Holy Mountain. Thank you for friend Nicole made a gap like this.
Such: +351 289 791098
Fax: +351 289 791599

A comment The House of Calm (Moncarapacho) the leeward coast is an area of ​​prime cottages (Article sponsored)

  1. Miguel says:

    The house is quiet fantastic.
    Breakfast has thousands of food.
    Castela deviates ir lá!It is very nice this hotel!

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