House of the well YARD- the world's best in Borba

Home From the well YARD

A House of the well YARD is one of the best units of accommodation Alentejo Tourism.
Situated in the pretty village of Borba is the ideal place to rest and from the discovery of one of the most beautiful Portuguese regions. I know the reader and future visitor provável House yard of the well know this facto, but I remind you list of notable places in the district of Évora and the many places that are close to him such as the monumental city of Evora, one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal, the city of Merida in Spain- the most monumental that the Iberian legacy left in Iberia; well, but there is much more to see how the Heritage of Vila Viçosa, the early tapirs symbol of our desire for eternity, the fabulous cromeleque of Almendres, the walled city of Estremoz ..., are 97 dear reader notable units that can look around the house Terreiro Pit. Not to mention to mention the fabulous food and wine heritage.

Ah, and to wash the soul nothing better than feeling those plains bottomless, instigated by waving a gentle breeze, a seeded green flower colors ranging from white to purple. And it is better if all this under a deep blue sky dotted with clouds of various types best (no reader are not selfish because it is good that the rain none to help), comes ahead of gentle romanticism.
But if estiver not for grandes viagens pois the stress can be very if chega the urbano torvelinho, recommend a quiet stay in the House Terreiro Pit.
Let us see which is the Home of Terreiro Pit
The home Terreiro Pit Built in the eighteenth century and renovated with wisdom lies in the street of Antiquaries, way that lives up to name. And here also lies the shops Terreiro 13 and 15, they are gorgeous decor stores, full of delicious objects coming from different parts of the world.
The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens full of relaxing Passaredo, with orange, Limoeiro, a garden of herbs and a swimming pool in the summer becomes a delightful Eden. Your outdoor space is of great beauty, having been used for ox blood color for the walls, which highlights very well the green of trees and shrubs.

Interestingly Alentejo sit here, but is also the eastern fascination, beginning with the entry that receives us with his Moroccan lantern, by Moorish arches, terracotta; is a short journey through Africa, India, Indonésia e China.
The uniqueness of the interior, amalgamation with a sense of artifact from different sources materialize an unforgettable space for the traveler who deserves all this. Here the classic elements and design pieces, ethnic objects from distant countries intertwine harmoniously and seamlessly.

All rooms are decorated differently, all have a name and distinctive aroma and a private nook, no exterior, facing the garden which attracts with oriental flavors.
The House Terreiro Pit has eight bedrooms for tourism, some like salas, private balconies or terraces. The existence of dilated common areas is important so that guests can have their privacy undisturbed.
The House Terreiro Pit is part of sites Solares de Portugal, Wonderfulland e ainda da Rusticae, where only enter tourist accommodation of high quality both in the structure of the buildings either still in service and they disseminate and support over 200 units in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Argentina ). The Remarkable Portugal ever had the pleasure of visiting the invitation of Rusticae Arteaga's Palace and stay overnight in Olivenza.
Congratulations to Rita and John Knight Ferreira that enable a space this quality rural tourism; as we wished it were all that Portugal! But here we're not going absteremo us from the finish.

Indications House Terreiro Pit
Largo of Combatants of the Great War, 12
Borba (St. Bartholomew), Borba
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