Holiday Cruise-a magnificent tourist accommodation in the historical village of Marialva

In Historical Village of Marialva (***), that has been described here, and is one of the most beautiful in Portugal, accomodate us recently in a magnificent tourist accommodation – As Holiday Cruise belongs to the municipality of Meda.
Situated in the area of ​​Devessa Marialva hiding the Roman city of Civitas Aravorum and near the Roman temple, as Holiday Cruise have at their disposal, 6 spacious rooms with large windows, high ceilings and are very comfortable. All rooms have private full bathroom and even TV, air conditioning and Internet.
It Dulcinio Holy Spirit Tavares who rehabilitates the Holiday Cruise, that were rated the most complete abandonment for more than 20 years, consequence of desertification that the region has been subject; by its desire reborn now allying themselves to respect the original character of the typical home beirã, the quality of modern infrastructure, able to offer a peaceful stay and with every comfort to those who visit.
Today is essentially a Friend António Tavares that is aware of his father, The owner and mentor this Projecto, and all his enthusiasm feels in every detail of the space, but also in attendance, who wishes to meet personally (including tourists get lost in the mists of a nighttime castro).

As Holiday Cruise are the ideal place to rest and then on demand from the local Coa Valley Archaeological Park, to Alto Douro Vinhanteiro, to Natural Park of Douro International, and aaldeias and historic villages like Marialva, Trancoso, Cidadelhe, Pinhel, Castelo Rodrigo, Almeida and Termas de Longroiva with its Templar castle and its magnificent mineral and medicinal waters. All locations surrounded a magnificent natural environment, Coa in the Lower and Upper Douro region.
As Holiday Cruise established a partnership with Company ravines CÔA through which you can opt for a radical program, or simply meet our region.
Visit the House of the Cruise, as we did, make them immediately the promise that you will experience a serene atmosphere in a beautiful area with many chores, if desired.
Contacts and location:
Holiday Cruise
Largo do Toural
6430-081 MARIALVA
Tlm: 96 704 92 34
Telef./Fax: 279 858 033
Request for Information:
GPS coordinates: 40° 54′ 36.52″ N, -7° 13′ 52.13″ In

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  1. fdnj says:

    Nice topic – respect !

  2. Ricky says:

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impesrsing me! :)

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