Cascata of Cabreia (Sever do Vouga) (**)- Ora iê, iê ô! Salve Oxum!

3 Reasons why you should visit the Cascade Cabreia

-It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Portugal

– Through the well-preserved riverine corridor and water mills

-Being a cascade of easy accessibility

The Cascade Cabreia next village da Silva Dark Sever do Vouga river located in Mau is a witty geomonumento that owes its existence to a differential phenomenon of erosion; As Granite, the amount is more resistant to erosion than the river shale, a jusante, over time formed a steep slope that led to this remarkable drop of water 25 meters. However, addition to differential erosion, there may still be some system of failures that facilitate its existence. There is another waterfall near da Silva Dark that has the name of Cascade Filveda.
I recall that cascades have been targeted recently and reference visits to our website and can be accessed here:
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In conspiracy with the inhabitants of Dark Silva stated that the basin of the waterfall reception area was in a grid of gold, legends of other times, that may be related to the Mines Braçal situated just over half a dozen kilometers (read it here), these lead and silver. I ask Mamae Oxum to stop some unsuspecting alien from harming Cabreia's waterfall and if any treasure collector reads these lines I will inform him right away that this is a legend.!
I do not know exactly what the legend, but there are other stories where rivers also intervene crate gold buried in a riverbed; Here you can read the Crestuma which seems suggestive.
Undoubtedly beautiful and relaxing, the Cascade Cabreia can offer your visitor a bit of everything: the freshness and fascination caused by falling water, water mills that invoke ancestral labors, biodiverse flora with oaks, Willows, puffs and alders that aprazem the Orisha Oxossi (and contrasts sharply with the vile forest area of ​​the region taken by eucalyptus and mimosas), with its inviting nooks with tables and benches support, for those who want to rest or who, instead, swarm with passionate feelings or simply brought their meal.
The area was subjected to recovery, which included the cleanliness of the waterfall itself and waterline, cleaning of the surrounding area, recovered windmills, It is well accesses, bridges were built, end tables and toilet facilities.

Cascata da Cabreia
The people have every thing, leave the name of the river Good Silva Dark, to take the name of the river Mau…
The place is so healthy so that even some members of the Umbanda religion, syncretic religion, but which has its base in animism (here deities that encourages me to nature) cultuam in the Cascata Cabreia: Oshun is born of the Cascades and the hunter Oxossi, masculine and restless that reigns among the forests. A vaidosa (represented with a mirror) Oshun and powerful that springs cascades is the goddess of fresh waters, do ouro (of, do ouro, Oshun loves objects made in metal and is represented with its golden robes ... and this reminds us of our grade gold, some coincidence?), of love and fertility, also represents the sweetness and strength Sensual Woman.

These are good reasons to visit the Cascade Cabreia, where you can enjoy a pure and direct contact with nature and will provide you with all certainty, the most unforgettable sensations.
Ora iêiê ô!
Additional References: The second photo was taken from the site

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  1. Rosario

    Congratulations this is the best article on the internet cascade Cabreia, with the advantage of introducing in the imaginary umbandista. Only lack complete the legend
    Legend says that the Moors have dropped a grid of gold in Cabreia. According to legend you can retrieve it with two black oxen and the book of S. Cipriano, with a prayer that is said in the book.

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