Cascade Cachão Malhadinha (Vineyards) (*)-Large natural surprise

On the last day of stay in the magnificent Chestnut Tree Farm, in the remote village of Negreda, and after much falter, since the weather was rainy and enjoying a few hours of Heaven Short, do not fear the dirt road and decided to visit the Cascade Cachão Malhadinha, which was a pleasant surprise and the district of Bragança only have the equivalence cascata da Faia Alta in Bemposta (Mogadouro) (*).

After spending the Chestnut Tree Farm, always worthwhile to take a look at this or better still get it hosted. After the last house in the village, the path is unpaved. Passes next to the cemetery, being to the point of visit 1 km.
The cascade of Cachão Malhadinha is really beautiful and only from 2004 became visitable. Have small sights with seal, that allow the contemplation of this fantastic natural monument safely and fairly close.

This cascade is supplied in several drops of clear water, clear, with the principal to take over 30 meters of unevenness, where the shore is small and runs NEM even know your name- if the tem- and most likely in the summer trickle of water is scarce or even nil, but in rainy weather, the cascade actually acquires monumentality and strength to run with the waters raging with tremendous noise.

You are enveloped in a heady atmosphere where silence reigns and the ripícula biodiversity corridor is worthy of record with holly, arbutus, executioners, olaias, urze, Espargo, cistus and gorse various mints. It's intense chirping of birds become.
I would like to write here about the origin of this beautiful cascading geomorphological Malhão of Cachadinha, but this ex-geologist, eroded by time, was not aware of this important detail that allows its construction; but in any case it seems there exists a small fracture in sandstones. For next time I promise I'll be more careful.
Thanks: The Remarkable been housed in Portugal Chestnut Tree Farm (Negreda-Bragança) e visitou a Cascade Malhadão of Cachadinha, to call this modern country hotel that supports the turismo cultural.
GPS-N41 º 43 `23.45“, W6 º 58 `13.16“).

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