Cascata Stone Injury (Penela) (*)- Chaga de Beleza singular

Cascata Stone wound

Despite being Portugal Continental territory of morphological contrasts do not have many notable waterfalls. Let us remember a sudden the following: Pêgo Hell (Tavira) (*), Pulo do Lobo (Mértola) (*), Fraga da Pena (Arganil) (*), Cabreia (Sever do Vouga) (*), Arrow of Misarela (**), Plow (Lands Bour) (*) and Gaff of Ermelo (Mondim de Basto) (*), There are still others who deserve our starlet, but let us wait on the most beautiful waterfall in the district of Coimbra- a Cascata Stone wound in the parish of the municipality of Spinal Penela, Watermill on the river, whose visit is always for us a source of delight.
The origin of the Cascade Stone Wound
Cascade Stone Wound owes its origin to the relief of hardness caused by the existence of corneal rocks (Rock Harder) upstream relative to schist (mass rocha brand) a jusante. This difference in hardness lithological yielded a set of small waterfalls that materialize the sharp slope of the Mill stream in this sector. Only two more notes before we moved paragraph: corneal exist due to the small granitic body that intruded the region (granite of Vila Nova) and yielded a metamorphic aureole; the largest Cascata, is not so Minorca, because it affects the 25 meters.
From the village of Spinal there sinalizção of getting the cascade Stone Wound, after leaving the paved road will go through a large cork and is following the right bank of the river the Mill, continue to Cart, the path turns left and up the slope slowly drive, if you do not want to dent your cart left it down here, I follow because I always lead feet, e TRAY, passing the tightest curve, reached a small square, from here the dirt road gives way to a pedestrian path wet and winding.

Cascata da pedra da Ferida é uma das belas da região centro
Cascata Stone wound

Now begin to walk the walk and notice that the flora is lush and rich, at times we think we are Mata's Albergaria (***), no Geres: alders are, Willows, ulmeiros (these endangered), Pyrenean oak, chestnut, holly, fetos-reais, wort the Geres and especially laurel ...- maybe even a picture of one taken in Madeira, is more correct than the image of the forests of the Serra do Geres, shown below because it was late FAZ. Also here the man made several mills and fulling mills and water scattered here and there are harsh grinders; abandoned mills are always romantic places for us and remind us of the old drudgery miller, provecto the fundamental cycle of BREAD, when man still interacted positively with nature.
After a few hundred meters, spent the stream of Watermill by a recent wooden bridge and started up by a crude staircase and so will reach the first falls of smaller water and finally the largest, a Cascata Stone wound emerges imposing and seductive, mixture of respect and admiration, Tomb snatched, the height 25 meters, having built a huge pit and building another smaller downstream that – Attention friends to permanent moisture making walking very slippery, but patience and care, taking into account that the best things are those that are hardest to reach.
The cascade is associated with some daydreams of youth that does not fit here tell, because it is reserved for intimate and because the reader would find me crazy; I can even seem, but such thinking is unfounded, because I'm almost crazy with judgment, Finally oak does not give black pudding.
On the national highway 347 Spinal between Cessnock and there is a viewpoint that helps us to contemplate this gift of nature still untouched.
One day back again, often use, the "Stone of Injury, Cascade / Mystery pure water / The water never dries there / The wound never heals ", trauteiam espinhalenses the basis.

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