Castle Algoso (Vimioso) (**)- Formidable eagles nest in northeastern (1First part)

Also hospitable Knights would build a remarkable work in Tras-os-Montes, the Castle Algoso (***) belonging to the municipality of Vimioso and is formidably installed a quartz ridge. It's really amazing Castle Algoso, an impregnable building over the abyss.
We remind readers that the most heedless remarkable monuments in Portugal built by the Knights of the Hospital are:
Castle Belvis (**) (Sparrow-hawk) (click to read the text)
Castle of alder Tejo (**) (Nice) (click to read the text)
-Abbey Rose flower and Historical Inn (***) (Crato)
-Monastery of Howard Springs (***) (Matosinhos)
-Church of Veracruz Marmelar (*) (Portel)
-Castle Algoso (**) (Vimioso)
The magnificent landscape envisioned the castle Algoso
The Castle Algoso south of the village is in a dominant position on the knoll of Penenciada and the landscape can be seen that it is magnificent, with comprehensive visual field of Mirandese Plateau . Of its walls is seen almost all the Tras-os-Montes especially the hills of Posts and Nogueira and even farther out in Spain Puebla de Sanabria But that q is the foremost in the retina is the magnificent fitting Angueira River serpenteadora quartz ridge in the flavor of tectonic convulsions, and where the implants Castle Algoso a 681 meters of altitude. Its position allows visual identification also identify many other points, transmontano the plateau and as Vimioso Hill (*) to north, and Feathers Roias (*) , for sul.

A little history of the Castle Algoso
Recent archaeological research has confirmed that it occurred in several stages since the Chalcolithic period to the Roman occupation. Some of these materials are visible in the Interpretation Center opened recently.

In 1173 there were already references the existence of Castle Algoso was sent to build the early twelfth century. Later, this powerful building, which was negotiated by King D. Sancho I, providing in exchange Vimioso.

The former defensive line Portucalense nationality along the left bank of the Sabor River to the confluence of the River Angueira consisted of four castles: two – of the Million and the Santulhão – now there is nothing and the two remaining – of the Hill (this-ruined village in the municipality of Bragança has a wonderful church (**) and to Algoso.

O Castelo de Algoso é um dos mais impontentes em Trás-os-Montes
Landscape Castle Algoso

Complemented the main defense of the northeast sector transmontano castles Feathers Róias (*), of Mogadouro and, although far, of the Bragança (**).
Sometime later, D. Sancho II awarded him the Order of the Hospital. In this Castle Algoso resident representative of the king it collected real rights on the lands of Miranda and Feathers Roias (in this domain of the Knights of the Temple).
In possession of the Hospitallers, the castle was transformed into a Gothic fortress.
In a first step, Castle has retained its supervisory role of territory and frontier defense of the realm, strengthening itself with gothic solutions that still characterize its architectural structure. But it was also hospitable area under the castle saw progressively reduced its military-political importance dictated by the consolidation of the new model of regional development, alicerçado nas new Vilas urbanas, and the assertion of a more advanced line of fortifications Miranda do Douro, Vimioso and Knoll- situated along the border and more adapted to the advances of firearms. Thus reduced to a fortress "second line", Castle prevailed as a master symbol, headquarters of a major Commendation of the Order of St. John of the Hospital who tutored the whole field of this Military Order met in transmontano space.
In 1710, during the war of Seventy Years, shortly after his remains Miranda, the Spaniards made several sorties on land Vimioso, attacking, among other, the old town of Algoso, however they managed to keep its square. (Continue)
Thanks: The Remarkable been housed in Portugal Vileira (Vimioso) and visited the Castle Algoso to call this magnificent hotel and restaurant that supports the turismo cultural.

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(3) Comments

  1. Paul

    All the work that contributes to the dissemination of heritage is welcome. However, it must take into account what is written not to induce the reader into error. I leave here some corrections.

    “…the visual field of Mirandese Plateau and surrounding the confluence of the river with the Maces Angueira River. "
    There is the river Angueira, Rio is Angueira. And the visual field does not cover the confluence of the rivers Angueira and Maces. This, despite being close, is not within the visual field.

    “…Of its walls is seen almost all the Tras-os-Montes especially the hills of Posts and Nogueira, Montesinho….”
    Its walls Natural Park Montesinho is not sighted.

    "Your visual position also allows to identify many other points, transmontano the plateau as Vimioso and Knoll (*) to north, or Punishment Roias (*) and Mogadouro, To sul. "
    To North, or Punishment Róias, for Sul, The village of Mogador not be seen from the castle. The delimitation of the municipality and of Mogador is Vimioso, At this point, taken by Angueira River Valley.

    "Some of these materials are visible in the recent Interpretation Center recently opened.
    Recent, Recently opened is a pleonasm.

    "The castle was ordered to be built in the early thirteenth century."
    In the year 1173 (twelfth century) there are already references to the castle. However, its construction must have occurred in the first half of the twelfth century.

    “…which was negotiated by King D. Sancho I, Vimioso giving in return. "
    The castle was built by Mendo Bufino that offered D. Sancho I and this, on the other hand, donated to the village of Mendo Vimioso Bufino.

    “…on the lands of Miranda do Douro and Feathers Roias. "

    Before the castle be donated to the Order of the Hospital belonged to the King who, as representative, had a Lieutenant. Miranda do Douro (as administrative entity) did not exist. Was never field of the Temple. Feathers and Róias Mogadouro yes,

  2. Castile

    Good afternoon, Paul
    I am grateful for the information you gave me and that served to add and fix the "input". The corrections were made as soon as possible, since we are referring to the best possible accuracy, how to calculate what you should not always easy.
    When you have one available tempito was grateful that I'd do the same for the second part.
    Helpful to many visitors to the beautiful and good Algoso Castle.
    Boa semana.

  3. Amber

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