Fifth Ge- A Boutique Hotel in Beira Serra

Fifth Ge- A Boutique Hotel in Beira Serra

Recently visited the Quinta da Ge located in Aldeia das Dez, small town integral network of Schist Villages of Central Portugal. Despite the rainy weather and misty horrendous for travelers, understand that we are in the presence of … (Read more)

Monte cries Cascas (Montemor-o-Novo) – A place where it makes sense DREAM with their protecting angel

4 reasons to visit and lodge in Monte Chora Peels 1-For the magnificence of this holiday that is considered charming tourism. 2- By magnificent landscaped environment 3- For being able to find your guardian angel while dreaming 4– Situated in the county … (Read more)

Tourist Accommodation Unit- Holiday Pilgrimage (Bud-Mora)- All the beauty of the Alentejo at our disposal

House of Pilgrimage deserve all praise what Peter and Mary reached the village of Brotas (Blackberry), By also be an example for all rural, which is in degradation by bad policy choices, of … (Read more)

House of the well YARD- the world's best in Borba

House Of Terreiro Pit House Terreiro Pit is one of the best units of accommodation Alentejo Tourism. Located in the beautiful town of Borba is the ideal place to rest and from the discovery of a … (Read more)

The Hotel Restaurant to Vileira (Vimioso)- It is a place of worship in Food Transmontana

Vileira Hotel Restaurant Vileira installed in the village of Vimioso was one of the pleasant surprises that we have encountered in the year 2011 when Portugal Remarkable spent the night and had dinner in April in its reconnaissance trip of the district … (Read more)

Hotel the couple Tralhariz (Carrazeda Ansiães)-A vineyard paradise at our disposal

At the invitation of the tourist's hotel the couple Tralhariz clothe the county almost every Carrazeda Ansiães (we lacked the almost inaccessible cave paintings Cachão of Rapa and Our Lady of Ribeira along the Douro, will deserve more … (Read more)

Holiday Cruise-a magnificent tourist accommodation in the historical village of Marialva

In Historic Village Marialva (***), that has been described here, and is one of the most beautiful in Portugal, accomodate us recently in a magnificent tourist accommodation – Casas do Cruzeiro belongs to the municipality of Meda. Devessa located area of ​​na … (Read more)

Solar de São Marcos-Magnificent lodging in Douro International Natural Park (Bemposta-Mogadouro)

The afore Douro embodied in the Natural Park of Douro International (***), built heritage, Gastronomy and authenticity; thus boils down, in simple strokes unsurpassed tourist region- the north-eastern. It is in this privileged region for nature that … (Read more)

Quinta dos Chestnut- A country house hotel in the UK Wonderful (Negreda-Bragança)

"I will speak of a UK Wonderful. Although many people say that there, there has always been and there will be wonderful kingdoms in this world. What it takes, to view them, is that the eyes do not lose the original virginity before reality, e o … (Read more)

Wood Cottage-The best way to visit the archipelago of Madeira Islands

Soon visit the Madeira Archipelago because it is inconceivable that here in Portugal have not yet Remarkable paid attention to one of the wonders of our planet, for that will have the support of the Rural Wood. Yes, readers friends … (Read more)

The Hotel Girassol in Funchal is the ideal location for your stay in Madeira

The hotel group Sousahotels, beyond the Inn Valley, that has been the focus of our attention, still holds the ideal holiday hotel in Madeira, o Aparthotel Imperatriz. This duality of hotel properties group Sousahotels, lemba-nos … (Read more)

Tourist Accommodation Quinta do Barranco da Estrada in the dam of Santa Clara-a-Velha (Odemira)- The Paradise regained

The magnificent tourist accommodation at Quinta do Barranco da Estrada, located in the municipality of Beja, managed by friend Frank, consists 10 rooms with a great view of the dam Sta. Clara. Decorated harmoniously, an extension … (Read more)

Valley Inn in St. Vincent-Your holiday in one of the most idyllic places in Madeira Island

The SousaHotels Group is the ideal place for your holiday on the paradise island of Madeira location. Beyond Imperatiz Hotel in Funchal, is also, beautifully situated, the Inn Valley, Saint Vincent in North Island … (Read more)

Solar Chacim a magnificent tourist accommodation in UK Wonderful Transmontano

The Solar Chacim sunny nineteenth century building is now transformed into a perfect getaway to experience perfect moments in your visit to the heart of Tras-os-Montes, ancestral and genuine region, away from the bustle of the coastal metropolises or you can simply … (Read more)

The luxurious Hotel Quinta da Marinha (Cascais) is one of our choices for the year 2010 (Article sponsored)

The luxurious Hotel Quinta da Marinha, Cascais is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Portugal. It is ideal for golfers and for conducting business. This unit was remodeled in 2007 and received, so the fifth … (Read more)

The Mounted Hotel and Golf Resort in Palmela is an ideal place for your vacation in the Riviera

The Mounted Hotel & Golf Resort is located in the Riviera, more precisely, in Algeruz (Palmela), near the Castelo de Palmela (**), the historic city of Setúbal (**), surrounded by vineyards which give rise to the production of the famous wines of the region … (Read more)

Palacio Arteaga- Eating and sleeping divinely in Olivenza (**) (Article sponsored)

If you want to know Olivenza (**), which is one of the most beautiful locations in the Iberian Peninsula, Portuguese whose notable points were constructed, well as the entire region of Extremadura and Alentejo Spanish paradise, I advise them to stay overnight and eat in … (Read more)