Gazebo Fragão Raven (Butters) (***)-It takes time and silence to drink this landscape

Gazebo Fragão Raven (Butters) (***)-It takes time and silence to drink this landscape

The Fragão Raven, seen from afar, It looks like a Chinese painting. Rounded boulders mixed with white flower heather and broom in clumps also rounded by wind. On top, the human hand has left a ball-point in March. Well marked … (Read more)

Penedo Durão: A special view of the Douro

Penedo Durão: A special view of the Douro

Penedo Durão: A special view of the Douro (Series of 20 viewpoints taken Trails) (Ash Esapada tape) (**) "Penedo Durao, St. Leonard of Galafura and São Salvador do Mundo are viewpoints that, as its name … (Read more)

Parideiras stones (Arouca) (*)-Rare in the world and symbol of fertility

Parideiras stones (Arouca) (*)-Rare in the world and symbol of fertility

Before reading this article on the "Parideiras Stones", let me warn you that is in essence a written work and published on facebook, the great geologist who is Antonio Galopim de Carvalho. Before we make some considerations. 1-When we started mag … (Read more)

Quiaios Beach (Figueira da Foz)- Between the mountains and the sea

Quiaios It's one of the beautiful beaches in the district of Coimbra, has one beach dune field preserved with chargeback and pine-Na Beach Murtinheira starts the Jurassic Cabo Mondego-This beach has great infrastructure (Hotel, camping and … (Read more)

Film on the Botanical garden and woods of Coimbra awarded in Croatia

One of my favorite places in Coimbra is the Botanical Garden and Forest. It is very fixolas to cultural and scientific tourism, think, meditate, study, read and up to date. In July a promotional tourist film “Botanical Garden … (Read more)

Application of Arrábida The World Heritage

Já was given the candidacy of Arrábida the World Heritage Committee at UNESCO International. We hope that we will achieve our 15 classification this year, through the Arrábida or Coimbra. It would be great. It was known the passion of … (Read more)

The Pateira Fermentelos (Agueda) My favorite is the Ramsar (*)

The Pateira Fermentelos (*) My favorite is the Ramsar! A good award honors the remarkable quality of this place. I can only congratulate the Board of Agueda for the great work you have done in this wetland rehabilitation. A place to … (Read more)

Cabo Sardão (Odemira) (***)-The appeal of the abyss

Cabo Sardão (Odemira) -The appeal of the abyss ... I knew the Sardão cable located between the beaches of Almograve and Zambujeira Sea is one of the most beautiful finisterras of Portugal? After I have felt in the Algarve syndrome Dorothy … (Read more)

Panorama of the dam Bemposta / Cardal the Douro River (*) (Mogadouro)

dam Bemposta (Read more)

Castro Valley Eagle (Miranda do Douro) (*)-Wartime Mirandese Plateau?

After having described the Saint John Arribas in Miranda do Douro, let us now to Castro Eagle Vale, close to that, but less known, but also exciting. The Castro Eagle Vale is located at 680 m … (Read more)

São João das Arribas (Miranda do Douro) (**)- Memories of Emilio Baleso

The cliffs of St. John in Miranda do Douro, in the parish of Paradela, easternmost part of the national territory, are one of the best known sights of Douro International Natural Park. Notable in Portugal have been described several notable sites … (Read more)

Cascata Stone Injury (Penela) (*)- Chaga de Beleza singular

Cascade Stone Wound Despite being Portugal Continental territory of morphological contrasts do not have many notable waterfalls. Let us remember a sudden the following: Pêgo Hell (Tavira) (*), Pulo do Lobo (Mértola) (*), Fraga da Pena (Arganil) (*), Cabreia … (Read more)

Tours in the Ria Formosa Natural Park with a visit to the dolphins

I was recently approached by Ricardo to help promote your company operating in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, what we do with great pleasure, because what the company does is remarkable. The company "Ria Formosa Tours" is … (Read more)

Landscape in Old Bogalhal (Pinhel) (*)- Place of forgetfulness or reunion?

There are beautiful places in Portugal and completely alienated from tourist itineraries, are lost somewhere in the mists of time and fell into oblivion. This is the case of this grandiloquent scene Bogalhal Old. An example is the abandoned medieval village of Santa … (Read more)

Arribas St Andrew (*) (Natural Park of Douro International) (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo)-Vultures and Berrões in inhospitable lands

A few kilometers from there Almofala the small chapel of St. Andrew built arrive em 1909 and situated within walking distance of the ruins of Manueline chapel. The two temples are based on a village Romanized protohistorical. We are soon greeted by two … (Read more)

Marshland Nature Reserve of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António (**)- It was the first nature reserve classified in Portugal

"DESS beautiful gazebo that is the castle of Castro Marim (**), one can admire the curious reticulated landscape, mixed estuary, marshes, bodies of brackish water, saltworks, pastures, puddles, struts and extensions without vegetation. A geometry of land and water … (Read more)

Natural Park of Douro International (***)-The most important sanctuary of birds rupículas

The International Douro Natural Park is a unique area in Portugal and probably across Europe. Despite being a rough place, is nonetheless a true haven of peace, the Beleza, onde a vida selvagem, a … (Read more)