Dolmen of Ground Round (Sever do Vouga) (*)- And the strange case of engraving with a parallelism in a dolmen in Wales

The engravings of the Dolmen Floor Stickers are not unique rock art case because in other counties near dolmens found with megalithic art: -Anta Arquinha of Moira – Tondela (**) -Dólmen of I-Aguiar Carapito the Side (*) … (Read more)

Bridge Pit Santiago (Sever do Vouga) (*)- It is the highest bridge of stone Portugal?

3 reasons why you should visit the Bridge Well Santiago 1- He is best known monument of Sever do Vouga municipality-2 is one of the most beautiful railway bridges in stone Portugal 3-Why can give … (Read more)

Cascata of Cabreia (Sever do Vouga) (*)- Ora iê, iê ô! Salve Oxum!

4 Reasons why you should visit the Cascade of Cabreia -It's one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Portugal – The well-preserved riparian corridor and water mills downstream are you Why be a cascade of easy accessibility Because … (Read more)