About walled and Bragança Castle with its towers of Homage (**)

Castelo de Bragança Bragança Castle in the citadel of the city, encavalitado over the river Fervença, is one of the most notable Portuguese castles much due to its very remarkable Tower of Homage. This one can see the mountains of Montesinho and … (Read more)

Pelourinho and Verraco of Bragança (*)- Gods Bears in Tras-os-Montes

Pillory Bragança The remarkable Bragança pillory for its unusual mix. As we like to verracos, totems of pre-Roman peoples living center in Spain and Portugal Northeast, we wrote three articles about them and where … (Read more)

Municipalis Domus (Bragança) (***)- an eloquent tribute to water

Municipalis Domus (Bragança) (***)- an eloquent tribute to water

Domus Municipalis believed to be very old in Bragança and comes right to mind this magnificent monument is Municipalis Domus, bouncing the ex-libris of the city tour. What attracts so many people to the view it is to be a unique and mysterious … (Read more)

Head of the Romanesque church of Castro Hazelnuts (Bragança) (*) – Romanesque natural tile in Portugal

Church of Castro Castro Hazelnuts The Church of Hazel is another site you should know in your Romanesque script Northeast Transmontano. I remind the reader, that the natural stuff is not alien, the itinerary included … (Read more)