Tower of the Rooster (Ash Sword of the Tape) (**)

Who wanders Freixo de Espada-à-Cinta quickly notices that the village has in its historical center several sixteenth-century houses in the Manueline style. These stand out from the House of marauders and house in the beginning of the street Knoll. The streets of … (Read more)

Penedo Durão: A special view of the Douro

Penedo Durão: A special view of the Douro

Penedo Durão: A special view of the Douro (Series of 20 viewpoints taken Trails) (Ash Esapada tape) (**) "Penedo Durao, St. Leonard of Galafura and São Salvador do Mundo are viewpoints that, as its name … (Read more)

Landscape in Penedo Durão-Assumadouro (Natural Park of Douro International) (Sword of ash-to-Tape (**)

Landscape in Penedo Durão-Assumadouro (Natural Park of Douro International) (Sword of ash-to-Tape (**)

(…)One World! A spoiled for coarse ground, Fragosa, bravia, that both rises the pin in a rush to climb to the sky, as it sinks in some distress depths, não you know that telluric contrição(…) Miguel Torga, Portugal, about … (Read more)

Miradouro the Colado (Sword of ash-to-Tape) (*)- one step from the tit of Mazouco

The Stuck Gazebo is on the panoramic road access to the picturesque village of Mazouco the Douro River Valley. Here the river, in the counties of Mogador and Miranda do Douro, through granitic terrain, that carved over thousands … (Read more)

Horse Paleolithic Mazouco (*) (Ash Sword of the Tape)

Did you know ... the Mazouco Horse was the first Paleolithic panel to be discovered in the Douro-Coa Valley region? At the mouth of a small stream that flows into the Douro River in shale panel outdoors, we find this figure … (Read more)

Chancel of the Church of Mercy Ash Sword-a-Strap (*)

Situated on Jorge Alvares square, in front of the Church Matrix Freixo de Espada-a-Cinta (**), Mercy Church of the sixteenth century, It is one of the most beautiful Manueline monuments of Tras-os-Montes. Its facade desornamentada, with a large portal of wide staves stylish … (Read more)

Gazebo Carrascalinho (Ovens) (Sword of ash-to-Tape) (*)-On the night of the Douro valley demersal a light blanks

The viewpoint of Carrascalinho, is an extraordinary site, overlooking the Cannon River Douro. It is "a wild space that seems untouched by Man, though the traces of their activity are varied, want to archaeological level, in terms … (Read more)

Gazebo Alto Pirocão (Sword of ash-to-Tape) (*)

Did you know ... the municipality Freixo de Espada-a-Cinta have beautiful sights and in Pirocão the Alto is one of them? The municipality Freixo de Espada-a-Cinta is inserted in the Douro International Natural Park (***) which is composed of … (Read more)

By Pathways Douro, by Causeway Alpajares.

Walking and Hiking. Day 15 May, discover the magic of one of the most breathtaking places in the region, where mysticism is always present. A rhythmic journey through the touch of pipers Lands Miranda, and accompanied by Burros race … (Read more)

Landscape and heritage complex of the Monastery of Ribeira / Causeway Alpajares (***) (Natural Park of Douro International) (Ash Sword of the tape)

"Neither the word, nem pela photo, can evaluate, reader, what it is. Only seen "1 Poiares saw is a gigantic quartz stemmed insurmountable wall of the Ordovician period, which runs alongside the River Douro, and that here is encontra arrival … (Read more)

Tour guide ash Sword of the Tape

10 Notable places to visit in the Ash Sword Strap 1-Tower Cock (Ash Sword of the Tape) (**) 2-Ash Church of the Sword Strap (**) 3-Chapel Chancel of the Church of Mercy (Ash Sword of the tape) … (Read more)

Church of San Miguel, Matrix Sword of ash-to-Tape (**)

The church Freixo array Espada-à-Cinta reminds, on a smaller scale, the church of the Monastery of Jeronimos (*****), abobadamento in Lisbon with the ships at the same height. It is a church-hall building sent by D. Manuel in place of a … (Read more)