The Hotel Restaurant to Vileira (Vimioso)- It is a place of worship in Food Transmontana

Vileira Hotel Restaurant Vileira installed in the village of Vimioso was one of the pleasant surprises that we have encountered in the year 2011 when Portugal Remarkable spent the night and had dinner in April in its reconnaissance trip of the district … (Read more)

Castle Algoso (Vimioso) (**)- Formidable eagles nest in northeastern (2First part)

Let us then turn to the formidable castle that is Algoso will tell if-scenario from a novel by Walter Scott. The Algoso Castle Structure The Algoso Castle is minimal and organic (adapted to rock outcrops) the main results of … (Read more)

Castle Algoso (Vimioso) (**)- Formidable eagles nest in northeastern (1First part)

Also hospitable Knights would build a remarkable work in Tras-os-Montes, Castle of Algoso (***) belonging to the municipality of Vimioso and is formidably installed a quartz ridge. It's really impressive Castle Algoso, an impregnable construction on the … (Read more)

Dome (*) Church array Vimioso

The Church Vimioso Matrix is ​​a Mannerist temple, quite spacious, granite, built in the seventeenth century, during the Philippine. Its patron S. Vicente. Are usually averse the mannerist churches in Portugal, rare cases because pulling, are scarce … (Read more)

Solar Chacim a magnificent tourist accommodation in UK Wonderful Transmontano

The Solar Chacim sunny nineteenth century building is now transformed into a perfect getaway to experience perfect moments in your visit to the heart of Tras-os-Montes, ancestral and genuine region, away from the bustle of the coastal metropolises or you can simply … (Read more)