Top Ten tourism Miranda do Douro

Top ten of Miranda do Douro tourism The town of Miranda do Douro in Tras-os-Montes is the site most visited by tourists Bragança district, both by Spaniards and Portuguese. Miranda do Douro is undoubtedly a beautiful city, the "City Museum", assim designada

Castro Valley Eagle (Miranda do Douro) (*)-Wartime Mirandese Plateau?

After having described the Saint John Arribas in Miranda do Douro, let us now to Castro Eagle Vale, close to that, but less known, but also exciting. The Castro Eagle Vale is located at 680 m de altitude e encontra-se protegido por

São João das Arribas (Miranda do Douro) (**)- Memories of Emilio Baleso

The cliffs of St. John in Miranda do Douro, in the parish of Paradela, easternmost part of the national territory, are one of the best known sights of Douro International Natural Park. Remarkable in Portugal have been described several notable sites of this magnificent Natural Area: –Calçada