Sacred space of St. Peter of Vir-a-doe (Monsanto, Idanha-a-Nova) (***)

Sacred space of St. Peter of Vir-a-doe (Monsanto, Idanha-a-Nova) (***)

4 Reasons to visit San Pedro de Vir-a-doe – Because it is located in the most beautiful village in Portugal Why be a magical and mystical place in the spiritual landscape of immense beauty of Portugal -For Because place is a place where … (Read more)

Archaeological Museum of Fundão (*)

5 Reasons why you should visit the Archaeological Museum of Fundão 1-As a defense space and archeology of safeguarding the border Pit 2- For its rich archaeological heritage in general,but which include: 3- A Estela … (Read more)

Miradouro the Sarnadela (Precipice) (*)- The meandering river Zêzere

2 Reasons why you should visit the Viewpoint of Sarnadela 1-For the magnificent landscape for the Central Mountain Range from the Star saw to quartz ridge of Muradal 2- The beautiful river that meanders Zêzere here is very educational. In … (Read more)

Picoto of Melriça (Vila de Rei) (*)- The Centre Portugal

Picoto of Melriça The Picoto of Melriça is a mandatory stopover. Travelers not abdicate their saga even when the hours squeeze for family reasons and can often take a detour and inspect a remarkable site … (Read more)

Quartz Landscape, Painted Bicho and Cascata the river beach cliff Hole (Vila de Rei) (**)

river beach of Penedo Stuck In unpopulated region and destroyed by forest fires remains a beautiful quartzite landscape near the village of Milreu, with waterfalls a 'painted fagot "and the river beach of Penedo Stuck which is a candidate for … (Read more)

Overview of Carqueijais Balcony (**) (Covilha)

Balcony of Carqueijais The Balcony of Carqueijais is the one stop shop for those who crossed the dazzling array of sights and geomonuments the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela (****). Drink the water very fresh travelers, light and pleasant and … (Read more)

38 Units notável with heritage value of the tourist district of Castelo Branco

We have been in this space enter the listing, by district, the notable places of Portugal (units heritage notável) they deserve all the effort in its defense, requalification and dissemination, because beyond the historical value / natural and aesthetic (scope … (Read more)

5 Tourist Places in Belmonte

The similarity of what happens to Mértola villages or Obidos, Belmonte (village classified as Historical Village of Portugal) is a true open-air museum. It is the land of Pedro Alvares Cabral, Brazil and the rest of the discoverer … (Read more)

Torre Centum Cellas (Belmonte) (**)-Incas or the Sephardim in Beira Interior???

Torre Centum Cellas (Belmonte) Did you know ... Torre Centum Eyebrows, near Belmonte, was for years considered one of the most enigmatic Portuguese monuments? The Tower of Centum Brows is a space unique in the Iberian Peninsula … (Read more)

Historic center Penamacor (*)- The birthplace of one of the most important figures of the European Enlightenment

3-Reasons to visit the historic center of Penamacor 1-At high grand panorama of the castle 2- The well-preserved medieval citadel highlighting its donjon, Tower Clock, the old Town Hall, the … (Read more)