Castle of Soure (*)-What is an example of the ignorant who builds incompetency mamarrachos dampening our national monuments

Usually the castles, are higher in a region sites, rulers of the land around, but this Soure Castle not, why is not this high hill of small alluvial conglomeratic, which is based, near the confluence of rivers and Arunca … (Read more)

Roman Criptopórtico of Aeminium (**) the Machado de Castro Museum (****) (Coimbra)

The National Museum Machado de Castro in Coimbra, You can visit the Roman cryptoporticus of Aeminium, which is one of the most important works of Roman architecture and engineering in the country. Discovery of Roman cryptoportico of Aeminium Prior to 1929, He was known by multiple … (Read more)

Anta Arcainha (Casa da Moura or Dolmen of the Pebble Seaside Oliveira do Hospital) (*)

Of the five tapirs in the municipality of Oliveira do Hospital this is the one that is best preserved. It was recently restored and is a very complete megalithic monument. Also take this article to explain what "moose" and relates them with … (Read more)

Recovery of the body of the Monastery of Lorvão (*) Penacova: this will be?

Here is a good news for the county of Portugal and the central region of Portugal the news agenda is taken directly from the Borders sometime in June 2010. "It has been last the start of work at the Monastery of … (Read more)

Archaeologists (re) discover historic fountain in the Botanical Garden of Coimbra (***)

It is a discovery that brings further value throughout this wonderful set. A fonte, I think that the late seventeenth century, early eighteenth, must be contemporaneous with the small chapel of St. Benedict installed within the Forest … (Read more)

Tour guide Oliveira Hospital

Tourism in Oliveira do Hospital has been systematically forgotten, however is a municipality with an interesting and diverse built and natural heritage, unfortunately has been a bit away from the tourist bustle of quality, however the list … (Read more)

International Biodiversity Day at the Botanical Garden of Coimbra (***) (22 May 2010)

In the most beautiful urban garden Portugal- Botanical Garden and Forest of anger during the International Day of Biodiversity in Coimbra Botanical Garden (22 May 2010) with multiple events, where the highlight the amazing Mata visits … (Read more)

Barrow D. Luís da Silveira (Count Sortelha) (*) Igreja Matriz in de Góis

If you pass by the peaceful village of Gois should visit 3 Notable locations: Cerro of Our Lady of Friant (*), urban park in the village river Ceira (*) and this Renaissance D tomb. Luís da Silveira (Count … (Read more)

Our Lady of Cerro da Vila Nova de Candosa Ceira (Gois) (*)

4 Reasons to visit the Hill of Our Lady of Friant (Gois) 1-Because it is a river canyon associated with a geological phenomenon which has the designation of epigenia (read later its meaning) 2- It is a geomonumento … (Read more)

Castelo de Penela (**)-is one of the most beautiful castles of the central region

Penela Castle Penela The Castle is one of the most beautiful castles of Beira Litoral, only supplanted by the colossus of Montemor-o-Velho (***) and equaling Leiria (**). The Penela Castle was part of the network of fortresses … (Read more)

Igespar authorizing parking on traces of medieval convent (historical center of Coimbra)

It was one of the first great monasteries of the Dominican Order in Portugal but their exact location in Coimbra was confirmed only about a year, with the start of construction of an underground parking. The work had to stop … (Read more)