Beach castelejo, Cordoama and Belly (Vila do Bispo) (***)-It is the most beautiful sunsets in Portugal?

Beach castelejo, Cordoama and Belly (Vila do Bispo) (***)-It is the most beautiful sunsets in Portugal?

  Beach castelejo –Beach with a fantastic sunset. -As in almost all the beaches of the Costa Vincentian, castelejo the beach is a Natural Monument-League is Cordoama beaches and belly when the tide is low. … (Read more)

Caldas de Monchique (*)-Sacred waters in Algarve

3 Reasons to visit The spray of Monchique -It's a nook of peace in the Algarve, and only 20 minutes from the beaches of Portimão county -Pelas its great curative medicinal waters of respiratory problems, skeletal and dermatological. -by the … (Read more)

Necropolis of megalithic Alcalar (Portimão) (**)- Between the world of the dead and the living world

Nécropole Alcalar- one of the most monumental megalithic tombs in Europe I'll never get tired of singing the wonders of the Algarve, beyond its beaches, the most beautiful in the world and this necropolis Alcalar, is e.g. … (Read more)

Beach Odeceixe (Aljezur) (**) -The beach is the sea and the river is one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal

3 reasons why you should visit the beach of Odeceixe -For the scenic beauty of the landscaping Why have two separate bathing areas, ocean beach and river beach Why be one of 7 Beaches Wonders of Portugal The beach was Odeceixe … (Read more)

118 Wonders of the Algarve (Distrito de Faro) (Units heritage Notável)

The Algarve has a unique geography with beautiful scenery (divided from North to South in the mountain, in barrocal and coastal area), an ideal climate and beaches that are among the best there is in Europe, inserted in the tourist basin … (Read more)

Arrifana Beach- The beach of the Sufi?

Beach Arrifana (Read more)

Praia do Amado (Aljezur) (***)- Who would not be enamored by such paradise?

The most beautiful European beaches are in Costa Portuguese Vincentian, more properly the set of beaches between high cliffs of extraordinary geology belonging to the municipalities of Vila do Bispo and Alzejur. Two examples have been exhibited here: the beaches of … (Read more)

Roman Ruins of Quinta da Abicada (Portimão) (*)- an example of disastrous governance we have had

After here have described the magnificent Roman ruins of Milreu (***) (Trail) month at a time, also in the Algarve place an article on the Roman villa at Quinta da Abicada which is overlooking the Ria de Alvor, of … (Read more)

Beach Mulberry (Aljezur) (***)- the best of both worlds

The Mulberry Beach in Aljezur municipality is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal; alias in this county there are other notable beaches as are the Bordeira-Carrickfergus (****), the Beloved (***), Arrifana (***), Odeceixe (**) e Monte Clérigo … (Read more)

6 Tourist Wonders of Tavira

The municipality of Tavira has everything to please the more educated tourist and at the same time like the end of the day to enjoy beautiful and tranquil beaches. Tavira is, without a shadow of doubt, the most beautiful city … (Read more)

Tours in the Ria Formosa Natural Park with a visit to the dolphins

I was recently approached by Ricardo to help promote your company operating in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, what we do with great pleasure, because what the company does is remarkable. The company "Ria Formosa Tours" is … (Read more)

Marshland Nature Reserve of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António (**)- It was the first nature reserve classified in Portugal

"DESS beautiful gazebo that is the castle of Castro Marim (**), one can admire the curious reticulated landscape, mixed estuary, marshes, bodies of brackish water, saltworks, pastures, puddles, struts and extensions without vegetation. A geometry of land and water … (Read more)

Villa Romana Milreu (Trail) (***)

I Campina full Algarvia, pert of Estói, lies one of the most important Roman sites in Portugal. For a long time it was believed that the city would Milreu Ossonoba (where currently Faro), but after all we were in the presence of a sumptuous villa … (Read more)

Panorama of Mount Figo (Cerro de San Miguel) (Olhão) (***)- A myriad of Pagan Gods in this dazzling views

I love to swim in Algarve waters, but run away from the hubbub and just install me at the beach 17 hours onwards, can be isolated in an island paradise of the Ria Formosa Natural Park (***)- where paradise is just our (enough … (Read more)

Panorama of the Church of Olhão (*)

Olhão may no longer be the island "Cubist" that enchanted Aquilino Ribeiro when he described in the book Guide to Portugal (1927). But if you climb the church tower aa array of Olhão will see that it still has the attractive. … (Read more)

Castle Castro Marim (**)-In the wake of the Templar mysteries

“Archaeological research indicates that the early human occupation of the hill of Castro Marim Castle dates from the late Bronze Age. Since then there was no stopping the occupation of the mouth of the Guadiana River, always linked to the activity … (Read more)

Set pombalinos buildings of Vila Real de Santo António (*)- Work of the Portuguese Enlightenment

"Founded between 1774 and 1776 the express will of the Marquis of Pombal to the center of the Royal Fishery Algarve, Vila Real de Santo António is a representative jewel of Pombal eighteenth century Portuguese architecture(1). Maid, from scratch, … (Read more)