Altarpiece of the main chapel of the Church array Escalhão (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)-Did you know ... here an unusual Christ observes his twin brother on the way to Calvary?

The municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo has three notable churches: the church of the monastery of Santa Maria de Aguiar (**), the church of Escarigo, with its chancel (*) and the mother church of Escalhão or church of Our Lady of the Angels (*) que passaremos

Tower of Homage of the Castle of Pinhel (*)-is one of the most beautiful medieval towers Portugal

Keep of the castle of Pinhel

donjon of Pinhel Castle was sent to the king gift Dinis, and the structure of the old fence medieval Pinhel that is well preserved, having 800 meter perimeter. Apenas falta um pequeno troço que dá para o Largo Engenheiro Duarte

Historic village of Linhares da Beira (Celorico da Beira) (***)

Knew Linhares da Beira located on the face Northwest Natural Park of Serra da Estrela (****), It is one of the most beautiful historical villages of Portugal? Place names Linhares da Beira owes its name to Linen, it was widely grown in this region. Cronologia Império Romano-Provavelmente aqui os

MENDO CASTLE (***) (Almeida), I have visited this fantastic historical village?

The description made by José Saramago in "Journey to Portugal" in 1981 Mendo Castle is very faithful: "The first stop of the day is in Castelo Mendo. Side view is a fortress, village completely enclosed by walls, with two towers at the main entrance. Vista

Sheet set and Spa Longroiva (Mêda) (*)-Miraculous waters Templar territory

In my penultimate visit to Longroiva, in the county of Mêda, in 2008, I like cicerone the pastor Anthony Lover, much knowledge and patience to visitor as Interrogator, pass away in 2010, for him wish a beneficent rest. Longroiva é uma aldeia bonita com umas magníficas

Historical Village of Marialva (Mêda) (***)-It is one of the most beautiful villages of Europe

“August 19 - Departure of Cancelos to Marialva. We passed the village of Meda, rather crowded and does not offer the decay appearance of other settlements. Marialva way to rocky terrain and variously injured. Distance from Meda a league. Aspecto miserável apesar da uberedade de

Coa Valley Archaeological Park (*****)-A new life

The Archaeological Park of the Coa Valley (*****), it seems to resurface, with science to point new data for the joint occupation of modern man sapiens sapiens and Neanderthal man. E ainda as novidades da requalificação da frota automóvel e ser possível visitar as

Viewpoint of the High sapinha (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)-One of the most beautiful places to watch Almond Blossom

In National Highway 221, between Escalhão and Alva Barca found the remarkable Alto viewpoint of Sapinha. Here we observe the cease of the inhospitable plateau Spanish, to give the valley of the River Douro and its tributary Águeda; aqui forma-se uma planície aluvial mais alargada e menos

Gazebo Fragão Raven (Butters) (***)-It takes time and silence to drink this landscape

The Fragão Raven, seen from afar, It looks like a Chinese painting. Rounded boulders mixed with white flower heather and broom in clumps also rounded by wind. On top, the human hand has left a ball-point in March. Well marked on arrival to Penhas Douradas, …