Leiria Castle (**)- Majesty in the center of medieval Portugal

Leiria Castle (**)- Majesty in the center of medieval Portugal

Anyone traveling between Coimbra and Leiria, EN1 and IC2, envisions two castles with great landscape impact, the Pombal and the castle of Leiria, but care is not distracted because the traffic is very and not of the case to outwit … (Read more)



Route Crime of Father Amaro in Leiria, is a fantastic idea of ​​a great classic book of Portuguese literature. The work of the council was very good just hope it does not withdraw the panels, high quality of the painter Sylvia … (Read more)

There is a relationship between the world's largest wave surfed on the northern beach and Serra da Estrela?

A few months went to Nazareth in the mouths of the world because the American surfer Garrett McNamara surfed the biggest wave ever in North Beach (Nazareth) (**). Now the Hawaiian surfer entered the Guinness World Records with this … (Read more)

Landscape and Filipina Bridge in the area Zêzere Dam Cabril (Pedrogão Grande and Serta) (*)

Philippine bridge has always the enclosed valleys though a little repulsive human occupation, by the abrupt slope of the land, fascinated the people. For example this site hossanas cried the landscape of Cidadelhe in the Coa Valley (read it here). Also … (Read more)

Wells of Snow (neveiros the Coentral) and landscape in Santo António das Neves (Cessnock) (**)

The privileged men have always had the power to have a ror of people of farmland to serve them, always been so and will, notable example is how these 3 neveiros (snow wells) located in Santo António das Neves in the mountains … (Read more)

Monte de São Brás or St. Bartholomew (Nazareth)-Where is the safe?

Mount St. Bartholomew: Next time is the beautiful beach of Nazareth (*) have to repair a little before reaching the same magmatic a hill that rises abruptly from among the pine forests and at the top of … (Read more)

103 Notable places of tourism in the district of Leiria

100 Local Notables Leiria tourism (district) District of Leiria-Highlights-Monastery of Alcobaça (World Heritage) -Monastery of Batalha ((World Heritage) -Sanctuary of Fatima (The greatest pilgrimage shrine of the Country) –The site of Nazareth is … (Read more)

6 Notable Places of Counties Alvaiázere, Ansião Figueiró and Wine

The advice from Ansiao, Alvaiázere Figueiró and Wine, disclose along its length, a variety of landscapes, with significant changing over the 365 days a year through 24 noon. Green of the mountains … (Read more)

Stately home of Castle Best / Tower of Santiago da Guarda (Ansião) (**)-A Roman treasure hidden in a medieval tower

Residents of the village of Santiago da Guarda dubbed-in, with superb air, as “Santiago Castle "; It consists of Tower, Palace and Chapel. The sixteenth-century Manueline palace is a unique example of Portuguese civil architecture of the sixteenth century. Very vandalized, … (Read more)

7 Notable local County of Nazareth

-Promontory Site of Nazareth with its panorama (***) -Visigothic church of St. Gião (**) -Nazare Beach (*) -Serra of fisheries and Beach Salgado (**) -North Beach (*) -Gábrico Mount St. Bartholomew / São Brás / Monte Seano … (Read more)

Viewpoint of the limestone Sierra Alvaiázere (*)

Saw Saw Alvaiázere Alvaiázere, is the highest peak of the range of limestone mountains situated between Condeixa and reaching Alvaiázere 618 meters. Has a length of 7 by 3 Km wide and is a remarkable landscape element. Do … (Read more)