There is a relationship between the world's largest wave surfed on the northern beach and Serra da Estrela?

A few months went to Nazareth in the mouths of the world because the American surfer Garrett McNamara surfed the biggest wave ever in North Beach (Nazareth) (**). Now the Hawaiian surfer entered the Guinness World Records with this … (Read more)

Monte de São Brás or St. Bartholomew (Nazareth)-Where is the safe?

Mount St. Bartholomew: Next time is the beautiful beach of Nazareth (*) have to repair a little before reaching the same magmatic a hill that rises abruptly from among the pine forests and at the top of … (Read more)

7 Notable local County of Nazareth

-Promontory Site of Nazareth with its panorama (***) -Visigothic church of St. Gião (**) -Nazare Beach (*) -Serra of fisheries and Beach Salgado (**) -North Beach (*) -Gábrico Mount St. Bartholomew / São Brás / Monte Seano … (Read more)