Castle of alder Tejo (Nisa) (**)

Castle of alder Tejo (Nisa) (**)

The castle of Amieira do Tejo was once a relevant military stronghold and an urban center of considerable importance, since it had a port on the Tagus River that connected the Alto Alentejo to Beira Baixa by ferry. The castle … (Read more)

ALTER THE FLOOR CASTLE (*)-Episodes of the Middle Ages

ALTER THE FLOOR CASTLE (*)-Episodes of the Middle Ages

We love to visit the Alentejo castles, because we always find friendly people and hospitable and the various meetings castelejos has happened to us all good, in Alter do Chão Castle, we found ourselves surrounded by good men, with smiles and conversation … (Read more)

Source of Fontinha or the Republic of Alter do Chão (*)-And as this article intends to change its name to Sun source of Theodosius

Source of Fontinha or the Republic of Alter do Chão (*)-And as this article intends to change its name to Sun source of Theodosius

We had a great day in Alter do Chão on 16 April this year. Conducted by technical tour Maria Durão, where no such epithet fits in so sympathetic person. We visited successively the Roman villa d'El Ferragial … (Read more)

Ponte Romana de Vila Formosa (Alter do Chão) (**)- The most monumental Roman bridge of Portugal

Ponte Romana de Vila Formosa (Alter do Chão) (**)- The most monumental Roman bridge of Portugal

The Alentejo is really wonderful in the spring - excuse the banality of the statement, and this month I took a short break here to give; take the opportunity to visit the Roman bridge of Vila Formosa, on the shore of Silk, which is the most monumental … (Read more)

Set Fortifications of Elvas (****) classified as World Heritage Site (Historical and cultural heritage) – Unesco

Fortifications of Elvas was with joy that I received the good news that the fortifications of Elvas (****) were classified as World Heritage by UNESCO on 30 June 2012. Are our 14-rated … (Read more)

65 Units Outstanding Heritage tourism district of Portalegre (Alto Alentejo)

65 Units Outstanding Heritage tourism district of Portalegre (Alto Alentejo)

Although the District of Portalegre be those who are less tourist inflow nonetheless has everything to do with the delight of tourists entered. Based on triptych landscape, gastronomy and tranquility, the district of Portalegre have yet 63 units … (Read more)

3 by magnificent lands of the Hospitallers days in Alentejo

It is a region with many tourists, which is an advantage for those who demand peace of mind, but it is a very beautiful area of ​​our country and relatively ignota. I propose a walk through the Hawk of municipalities, Nisa and Crato … (Read more)

Castle Belvis (Sparrow-hawk) (**)- It is one of 5 monuments must visit the Knights of the Order of the Hospital in Portugal

Castle Belver, situated on the right bank of the Tagus river, num granite conical hill of steep slopes, is one of the finest Romanesque castles in Portugal and one of the 5 remarkable monuments of Knights of Malta (do … (Read more)

6 tourist wonders of the municipality of Nisa

The region of Northern District of Portalegre, which is bounded by the Beira Baixa Tejo river that runs embedded here, has several reasons deserve our view. For example the county of Nice that is forgotten roadmaps … (Read more)

Historic Centre of the town of Crato (*)- At the heart of the Knights Hospitaller

We confess, Noted that here in Portugal, have a especialpredilecção by peaceful Alentejo boroughs with its soothing silence and keeper recatos historical value. An example is this village of Crato, churches that still houses, manor houses and … (Read more)

Calvary Chapel rental operator in the Tagus (Nisa) (*)- Known in Portugal any more baroque carvings in stone?

In addition to the beautiful Castle of Amieira do Tejo (**), here there is another significant work of art that enhances the tourism Nisa. We speak of Calvary Chapel, which is classified as a cultural heritage building and has at its … (Read more)

Anta's Tapadão or Aldeia da Mata (Crato) (**)- A wonderful monument anichador cattle

The Anta da Aldeia da Mata or Dolmen of Tapadão, that stands out in the Alentejo countryside is a monumental granite megalithic Neolithic Period, visible to the left on the road Crato-Aldeia da Mata. Has great size and is in good condition. A … (Read more)

Baths of Fadagoza (Nisa) (*)-The traveler knows what it means Fadagosa?

Em full plain alentejana, prevail where the granite blocks pedunculated, oaks and fragrant Mediterranean undergrowth, found as Termas da Nisa Fadagosa em running full from 2009. The spa was closed a year and the … (Read more)

Praia Fluvial so Alamal no rio Tejo (Belver-Gavião) (**)

Praia Fluvial so Alamal no rio Tejo (Belver-Gavião) (**)

The Alamal the river beach is one of the most beautiful in Portugal, next género, the natural environment that surrounds. It is located on the left bank of the Tagus river, and is classified as “Affordable Beach”. Has lifeguard and marine sand … (Read more)

Medieval and Vila Castelo de Vide Judiaria (**)

Castelo de Vide is composed of a Burgo and medieval Jewry, of narrow streets and winding sidewalks, surrounded by 2,5 km of walls from which reveal magnificent landscapes mostly from its medieval castle; is undoubtedly … (Read more)

Manueline portal of the Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval (Olivenza) (*)

Strolling in Olivenza becomes quite convenient, because from the Palace of Arteaga (What is a magnificent tourist accommodation in the historical center) can walk in a few tens of meters and find all the local notables. Let's start with the door … (Read more)

Cave Paintings of the Sierra Hope-Lapa dos Gaivões (Arronches) (**)

The rock outdoors Serra da Esperança in the county Arronches paintings are the most significant for tourism in Portugal and particularly in the Alto Alentejo. To find them just reach the village of Hope in Arronches … (Read more)