Medieval and Vila Castelo de Vide Judiaria (**)

Castelo de Vide is composed of a Burgo and medieval Jewry, of narrow streets and winding sidewalks, surrounded by 2,5 km of walls from which reveal magnificent landscapes mostly from its medieval castle; is undoubtedly … (Read more)

Balcony Restaurant Alentejo (Marvão)

The Balcony of the Alentejo is in the heart, in the pillory square, Marvão (***) which is one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal. The Balcony of the Alentejo has the provision of various tourist services for your convenience: –Restaurant … (Read more)

Fortified burg and panorama Marvão (***)

Marvão is one of the most stunning and unspoilt Portuguese fortified villages, steep escarpment in quartz, share 862m. The picture that can be seen from the castle is breathtaking Marvão, thereby stretches the view: a norte as … (Read more)

Groats da Meada (Castelo de Vide) (**)

I knew…Menhir of Hank situated in the municipality of Castelo de Vide (**) and is one of the most notable menhirs of Portugal and a binding site in the archaeological pilgrimage tourism? Found itself fragmented into two parts, with a spiked part … (Read more)

Gazebo Chapel of Our Lady of Penha (Castelo de Vide) (*)

A search 2 km by road to Marvão (***) is a beautiful gazebo in the Serra de São Paulo (belongs to the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park (**)), stately à tourist town of Castelo de Vide (**). Of … (Read more)

Restaurant Sever (Toll-Marvão)

Recently dined wonderfully well in Sever eating a lamb roast in the oven with nuts and chives, with a Sericaia Elvas plums and great house wine, as such I highly recommend it to all our readers, beyond … (Read more)

Roman City of Ammaia (Marvão) (*)

Did you know ... the Roman city in the county of Ammaia Marvão is almost all to study and could become a hub for development of the entire region? There is time and financial resources because the will exists to unearth this treasure … (Read more)

Tourist Guide to Castelo de Vide and Marvão

Castelo de Vide and Marvão, based on rocky spurs that aims to heaven, are two beautiful adjoining villages. Are already a benchmark for quality in tourism Portugal. Here you can combine monumentality built by Man and Nature, this … (Read more)

Boutique Hotel o Poejo (Marvão) is an accommodation space that you'll never forget

The Boutique Hotel The four star Pennyroyal is an ideal tourist resort, in a certain region. It is located in San Antonio of Sand, a few kilometers from Mui Noble and Ever Loyal Town of Marvão (***), undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful locations … (Read more)