Castle of alder Tejo (Nisa) (**)

Castle of alder Tejo (Nisa) (**)

The castle of Amieira do Tejo was once a relevant military stronghold and an urban center of considerable importance, since it had a port on the Tagus River that connected the Alto Alentejo to Beira Baixa by ferry. The castle … (Read more)

3 by magnificent lands of the Hospitallers days in Alentejo

It is a region with many tourists, which is an advantage for those who demand peace of mind, but it is a very beautiful area of ​​our country and relatively ignota. I propose a walk through the Hawk of municipalities, Nisa and Crato … (Read more)

6 tourist wonders of the municipality of Nisa

The region of Northern District of Portalegre, which is bounded by the Beira Baixa Tejo river that runs embedded here, has several reasons deserve our view. For example the county of Nice that is forgotten roadmaps … (Read more)

Calvary Chapel rental operator in the Tagus (Nisa) (*)- Known in Portugal any more baroque carvings in stone?

In addition to the beautiful Castle of Amieira do Tejo (**), here there is another significant work of art that enhances the tourism Nisa. We speak of Calvary Chapel, which is classified as a cultural heritage building and has at its … (Read more)

Baths of Fadagoza (Nisa) (*)-The traveler knows what it means Fadagosa?

Em full plain alentejana, prevail where the granite blocks pedunculated, oaks and fragrant Mediterranean undergrowth, found as Termas da Nisa Fadagosa em running full from 2009. The spa was closed a year and the … (Read more)

Doors Rodão and Conhal Arneiro (Nisa and Vila Velha de Rodão) (***)

Did you know ... the doors of radon, no rio Tejo, Nisa and the municipalities of Vila Velha de Rodão, candidates are the seven natural wonders of Portugal and are already classified as Natural Monument? You also know that on the left bank of … (Read more)