Manueline portal of the Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval (Olivenza) (*)

Strolling in Olivenza becomes quite convenient, because from the Palace of Arteaga (What is a magnificent tourist accommodation in the historical center) can walk in a few tens of meters and find all the local notables. Let's start with the door … (Read more)

Tourist Guide of Olivenza

Olivenza is a monumental city, heritage of us all and which has several interesting features starting with its magnificent Manueline church, through the mighty Tower of Homage to the magnificent museum of ethnography, and furthermore … (Read more)

Palacio Arteaga- Eating and sleeping divinely in Olivenza (**) (Article sponsored)

If you want to know Olivenza (**), which is one of the most beautiful locations in the Iberian Peninsula, Portuguese whose notable points were constructed, well as the entire region of Extremadura and Alentejo Spanish paradise, I advise them to stay overnight and eat in … (Read more)