Balcony Restaurant Alentejo (Marvão)

The Balcony of the Alentejo is in the heart, in the pillory square, Marvão (***) which is one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal. The Balcony of the Alentejo has the provision of various tourist services for your convenience: -Restaurant … (Read more)

Manueline Window in the Palace of Dom Nuno de Sousa (Portalegre) (*)

All the pretty town should have a great poem and a great romance , fortunately Portalegre has it, through the poem by Jose Regio, the Melody of Portalegre, and the novel is the "What If I liked it very Dying" of … (Read more)

Tourist Guide of the municipality of Portalegre

The town of Portalegre is not part of the tourist plans traveler Portugal, but how are mistaken. Portalegre is part of a package tour, the most beautiful and serene that has our Country (here also you have to be … (Read more)

Fortified burg and panorama Marvão (***)

Marvão is one of the most stunning and unspoilt Portuguese fortified villages, steep escarpment in quartz, share 862m. The picture that can be seen from the castle is breathtaking Marvão, thereby stretches the view: a norte as … (Read more)

Groats da Meada (Castelo de Vide) (**)

I knew…Menhir of Hank situated in the municipality of Castelo de Vide (**) and is one of the most notable menhirs of Portugal and a binding site in the archaeological pilgrimage tourism? Found itself fragmented into two parts, with a spiked part … (Read more)

Tourist Guide of Olivenza

Olivenza is a monumental city, heritage of us all and which has several interesting features starting with its magnificent Manueline church, through the mighty Tower of Homage to the magnificent museum of ethnography, and furthermore … (Read more)

Gazebo Chapel of Our Lady of Penha (Castelo de Vide) (*)

A search 2 km by road to Marvão (***) is a beautiful gazebo in the Serra de São Paulo (belongs to the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park (**)), stately à tourist town of Castelo de Vide (**). Of … (Read more)

Doors Rodão and Conhal Arneiro (Nisa and Vila Velha de Rodão) (***)

Did you know ... the doors of radon, no rio Tejo, Nisa and the municipalities of Vila Velha de Rodão, candidates are the seven natural wonders of Portugal and are already classified as Natural Monument? You also know that on the left bank of … (Read more)

Restaurant Sever (Toll-Marvão)

Recently dined wonderfully well in Sever eating a lamb roast in the oven with nuts and chives, with a Sericaia Elvas plums and great house wine, as such I highly recommend it to all our readers, beyond … (Read more)

Roman City of Ammaia (Marvão) (*)

Did you know ... the Roman city in the county of Ammaia Marvão is almost all to study and could become a hub for development of the entire region? There is time and financial resources because the will exists to unearth this treasure … (Read more)

Tourist Guide of Elvas

Elvas is a monumental town and few cities have a Portuguese so well preserved historic center. The traveler who sees the city by far impresses with its mighty fortifications, but no suspicion of artistic richness of its historic center. … (Read more)

Church of Our Lady of Consolation (Dominican) (Elvas) (*)

Did you know ... the church of Dominicas, Elvas, stands in place of a Templar chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene and that its unusual octagonal shape reminds us Rotunda church of the Convent of Christ in Tomar (*****)? … (Read more)

Aqueduct of mulberry (Elvas) (**)-World Heritage

The aqueduct Amoreiras is one of five notable aqueducts Portugal – the rest are:   – Águas Livres Aqueduct (***), Lisbon – Pegões aqueduct Altos (**), Tomar-Aqueduct Arches Garden (*), … (Read more)

Tourist Guide to Castelo de Vide and Marvão

Castelo de Vide and Marvão, based on rocky spurs that aims to heaven, are two beautiful adjoining villages. Are already a benchmark for quality in tourism Portugal. Here you can combine monumentality built by Man and Nature, this … (Read more)

Palacio Arteaga- Eating and sleeping divinely in Olivenza (**) (Article sponsored)

If you want to know Olivenza (**), which is one of the most beautiful locations in the Iberian Peninsula, Portuguese whose notable points were constructed, well as the entire region of Extremadura and Alentejo Spanish paradise, I advise them to stay overnight and eat in … (Read more)

Cottage Covão of Abitureira in Belver (Sparrow-hawk)-A haven waiting for you on the river Tagus (Article sponsored)

The northern region of the District of Portalegre, which is bordered by the Tagus river that runs embedded here and consists of the municipalities of Nice, Crato, Alter do Chão, Hawk and Castelo de Vide, It is forgotten of tourist itineraries of Portugal, … (Read more)

Inn Quinta de Santo Antonio where the Alentejo embraces baroque scholarship (Elvas) (Article sponsored)

Elvas is one of the most beautiful cities of the Alentejo because it has a rich monumental heritage, especially his monumental historical center (***) and their military strongholds (***), who are candidates for World Heritage. In Elvas … (Read more)