Application of Arrábida The World Heritage

Já was given the candidacy of Arrábida the World Heritage Committee at UNESCO International. We hope that we will achieve our 15 classification this year, through the Arrábida or Coimbra. It would be great. It was known the passion of … (Read more)

Hypogea or artificial caves in Moree (Palmela) (*)- No granite, dig up the limestone!

"The graves are worn out by the footsteps of the living and the dead in the effort" Raúl Brandão, Humus The hypogea of ​​Quinta do Anjo are not unique in Portugal, because I know at least one more 4, all in … (Read more)

66 Units notável with heritage value of the tourist district of Setúbal

Setubal always like to go back to where we were happy, even though we know that positive emotions that marked us will not be repeated. Does this forceful statement is not without reason when turisticamente visit the district of Setúbal? … (Read more)

The "rentrée" in Cape Espichel (Sesimbra) (**)

And we also try to be there on the day 10 September, because really the Espichel Sesimbra is a magnificent space. Old promontory barbaric, terminal Arrábida, was probably attracted to ancient religious cults and today … (Read more)

Old church and cloister of the Monastery of Jesus (***) (Setúbal) (1Part)

Old church and cloister of the Monastery of Jesus (***) (Setúbal) (1Part)

The Church of the Convent of Jesus and its cloister (*) e museu (**) is the most important monument in the beautiful city of Setúbal and one of the landmarks primatial style that became known as "Manueline". O Convento de Jesus … (Read more)

The Mounted Hotel and Golf Resort in Palmela is an ideal place for your vacation in the Riviera

The Mounted Hotel & Golf Resort is located in the Riviera, more precisely, in Algeruz (Palmela), near the Castelo de Palmela (**), the historic city of Setúbal (**), surrounded by vineyards which give rise to the production of the famous wines of the region … (Read more)