Menhir or Boulder Knoll Long (Reguengos of Monsaraz) (*)

Menhir Hill "Salve, I mean holy, Standing on the plain Kneeling! Hot and winged granite Of Scissors What, emprenhada of land, Emprenhas infinity "! Miguel Torga Daily XIV, Hill, Monsaraz, 31 May 1986 Menhir Hill or … (Read more)

Groats da Bulhôa (Monsaraz) (*)- Sacred phalluses in Alentejo plain

4 Reasons to visit the menhir of Bulhôa 1- Being one of the most richly decorated menhirs in the Iberian Peninsula 2- The beautiful landscape of the Alentejo plains around the hill on which lies the historic village of Monsaraz 3- … (Read more)

Meñir Rocha Valentine Oracle-fertility (Reguengos of Monsaraz) (*)

3 reasons to visit the Menhir Rock Valentine 1- To know a matchmaker oracle Pre -history 2-For how many years are left before your wedding 3- Why is one of the examples of litolatria, adapted in prehistory … (Read more)