Bolideira stone, a key mystery (*)

Bolideira stone, a key mystery (*)

In the village of Bolideira, 18Km Keys, the National Road 103, There is an unusual rock that attracts curious tourists and pilgrimages. It's a huge granite boulder, about 30 tonnes and fans can have a great magician / anthropological meaning. … (Read more)

Gazebo Fragão Raven (Butters) (***)-It takes time and silence to drink this landscape

Gazebo Fragão Raven (Butters) (***)-It takes time and silence to drink this landscape

The Fragão Raven, seen from afar, It looks like a Chinese painting. Rounded boulders mixed with white flower heather and broom in clumps also rounded by wind. On top, the human hand has left a ball-point in March. Well marked … (Read more)

Parideiras stones (Arouca) (*)-Rare in the world and symbol of fertility

Parideiras stones (Arouca) (*)-Rare in the world and symbol of fertility

Before reading this article on the "Parideiras Stones", let me warn you that is in essence a written work and published on facebook, the great geologist who is Antonio Galopim de Carvalho. Before we make some considerations. 1-When we started mag … (Read more)

Cascata of Cabreia (Sever do Vouga) (**)- Ora iê, iê ô! Salve Oxum!

3 Reasons why you should visit the Cascade of Cabreia -It's one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Portugal – Pelo bem preservado corredor ripícola e moinhos de água -Por ser uma cascata de fácil acessibilidade A Cascata da Cabreia na situada(Read more)

Quartz Landscape, Painted Bicho and Cascata the river beach cliff Hole (Vila de Rei) (**)

river beach of Penedo Stuck In unpopulated region and destroyed by forest fires remains a beautiful quartzite landscape near the village of Milreu, with waterfalls a 'painted fagot "and the river beach of Penedo Stuck which is a candidate for … (Read more)

The Tua Line (Carrazeda Ansiães)-a great article by José Pacheco Pereira about the dam criminal

Your line "I am the last of ecologists, “green”, or something similar. I always had a great distrust with ecologists positions and a huge skepticism about the backgrounds of its arguments. I was not very sensitive to “prints … (Read more)

Your Vale do Rio (Carrazeda Ansiães and Alijó) (***) - We'll let annihilate this natural wonder of Portugal (2ªparte)?

Tua river valley About beauty and the importance of the Tua River valley is a text with quality slightly adapted by me from here José Romão. "Os wrong, much deeper and more narrow impressive for Man, but … (Read more)

Vale do Tua (Carrazeda Ansiães and Alijó) (***) - We let them destroy this natural wonder of Portugal (1ªparte) ?

The valley Tua is our! Is the granite in its terminal part of the valley Thy acquires its full beauty due to wild canyon that the river carved with time and water, the two largest … (Read more)

Monte de São Brás or St. Bartholomew (Nazareth)-Where is the safe?

Mount St. Bartholomew: Next time is the beautiful beach of Nazareth (*) have to repair a little before reaching the same magmatic a hill that rises abruptly from among the pine forests and at the top of … (Read more)

Cabo Sardão (Odemira) (***)-The appeal of the abyss

Cabo Sardão (Odemira) -The appeal of the abyss ... I knew the Sardão cable located between the beaches of Almograve and Zambujeira Sea is one of the most beautiful finisterras of Portugal? After I have felt in the Algarve syndrome Dorothy … (Read more)

Cascade Cachão Malhadinha (Vineyards) (*)-Large natural surprise

On the last day of stay in the magnificent Quinta do Chestnut, in the remote village of Negreda, and after much falter, since the weather was rainy and enjoying a few hours of Heaven Short, do not fear the way … (Read more)

Castro Valley Eagle (Miranda do Douro) (*)-Wartime Mirandese Plateau?

After having described the Saint John Arribas in Miranda do Douro, let us now to Castro Eagle Vale, close to that, but less known, but also exciting. The Castro Eagle Vale is located at 680 m … (Read more)

São João das Arribas (Miranda do Douro) (**)- Memories of Emilio Baleso

The cliffs of St. John in Miranda do Douro, in the parish of Paradela, easternmost part of the national territory, are one of the best known sights of Douro International Natural Park. Notable in Portugal have been described several notable sites … (Read more)

Castle Algoso (Vimioso) (**)- Formidable eagles nest in northeastern (1First part)

Also hospitable Knights would build a remarkable work in Tras-os-Montes, Castle of Algoso (***) belonging to the municipality of Vimioso and is formidably installed a quartz ridge. It's really impressive Castle Algoso, an impregnable construction on the … (Read more)

Praia do Amado (Aljezur) (***)- Who would not be enamored by such paradise?

The most beautiful European beaches are in Costa Portuguese Vincentian, more properly the set of beaches between high cliffs of extraordinary geology belonging to the municipalities of Vila do Bispo and Alzejur. Two examples have been exhibited here: the beaches of … (Read more)

Cascata Stone Injury (Penela) (*)- Chaga de Beleza singular

Cascade Stone Wound Despite being Portugal Continental territory of morphological contrasts do not have many notable waterfalls. Let us remember a sudden the following: Pêgo Hell (Tavira) (*), Pulo do Lobo (Mértola) (*), Fraga da Pena (Arganil) (*), Cabreia … (Read more)

Fraga da Pena (Ovens Algodres) (*)- Magnificent populated Bronze Age in Beira Interior

Fraga da Pena, in the county of furnaces Algodres, is a gigantic granite tor, a 750 m dimension, that soergue, admirably, near the top of the western slope of the Ribeira Muxata, that fits in … (Read more)