Gazebo Carrascalinho (Ovens) (Sword of ash-to-Tape) (*)-On the night of the Douro valley demersal a light blanks

The viewpoint of Carrascalinho, is an extraordinary site, overlooking the Cannon River Douro. It is "a wild space that seems untouched by Man, though the traces of their activity are varied, want to archaeological level, either in terms of agro-livestock. On a closer look …

Necropolis of St. Gens and Bell Stone (Celorico da Beira) (*)-Magic stone in the landscape

It is located in Celorico da Beira in Fontanheiro the parish this remarkable Boulder Bell, that attracts and seduces by its shape, dimension and mystery. Long men saw in him what today still feel so your back, instalaram uma necrópole

Doors Rodão and Conhal Arneiro (Nisa and Vila Velha de Rodão) (***)

Did you know ... the doors of radon, no rio Tejo, Nisa and the municipalities of Vila Velha de Rodão, candidates are the seven natural wonders of Portugal and are already classified as Natural Monument? Sabe também que na margem esquerda das Portas de Ródão se encontra

Landscape and heritage complex of the Monastery of Ribeira / Causeway Alpajares (***) (Natural Park of Douro International) (Ash Sword of the tape)

"Neither the word, nem pela photo, can evaluate, reader, what it is. Only seen "1 Poiares saw is a gigantic quartz stemmed insurmountable wall of the Ordovician period, which runs alongside the River Douro, and that here it is found due to differential erosion …