House of Sub-Ripas/Paço Sub-Ripas/Paço Over-Ribas (Coimbra) (*)-The most beautiful monument civil manufactory in this city

About The Palace of Shingles in Coimbra is one of the most remarkable civil buildings of the sixteenth century in Portugal. Have Manueline are few dwellings that remain in Coimbra, but this is quite remarkable. The Sub-Shingles Palace was built … (Read more)

Stately home of Castle Best / Tower of Santiago da Guarda (Ansião) (**)-A Roman treasure hidden in a medieval tower

Residents of the village of Santiago da Guarda dubbed-in, with superb air, as “Santiago Castle "; It consists of Tower, Palace and Chapel. The sixteenth-century Manueline palace is a unique example of Portuguese civil architecture of the sixteenth century. Very vandalized, … (Read more)

Medieval tower in Metelos Freixeda of Clod (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) (*)-singular case in Beira Interior

This is a rare existing medieval tower in Beira Interior, in Freixeda of Clod, and those who visit feel the vocation of medieval warrior man. The traveler can not help but wonder if ever the tower was besieged! … (Read more)

Solar Almond (Vila Nova de Foz Coa) (*)

Solar de Almendra is one of the most beautiful baroque solar Portuguese streak north of the Tejo, despite being incomplete and ruined. An important Asturian family name Castilho acquired land and settled here Almendra. The … (Read more)

Manueline Window of Tower House in Gouveia (*)

The Tower House in Gouveia municipality was built in the sixteenth century and was part of a solar, however that was being dismantled. Its highlight a remarkable Manueline window detached. The lot belonged to the first Earl of Gouveia, after … (Read more)

Solar dos Távoras in Souro Pires (Pinhel) (*)-One of the most beautiful palaces of the century Portuguese five hundred

Solar dos Távoras The beautiful Manor of Távoras which is disparaged, was built between the late fifteenth century and the beginning of the sixteenth century, at the behest of the Távora family that is linked to the history of the town of Souro … (Read more)