Fountain of St Andrew (Hail Refóios or Alameda) (Guard) (*)

“…but, before his body plunged fully, Dolphins rushed up and lifted him, filling it with, Start Caring, uncertainty and agitation. Mas ease…the large number…o ar bene volente, the speed of dolphins…did him feel, said second, not afraid to die, but the desire to live, the ambition to be saved, to appear as a favorite of the gods and receive their unalterable glory ".
Banquet of the Seven Sages- Plutarch, algures between 75 and 120 d.C.
This magnificent granite fountain (the Baroque style is the most beautiful of Beira Interior) is currently located in Alameda St. Andrew in the city of Guarda; is also known as the Fountain family Refoios Saraiva, once, originally, a farm that belonged to this family owned the village of Sailing (Guard), having been transported to the site where at 1989; the family arms are clearly visible in the upper part of the front elevation, on a shell and topped by the figure of an angel and flanked by two zoomorphic representations.
The central tank, curvilíneo, displays a mascarão as central spout, framed by dolphins- if they are not imagine them with some goodwill; have a fierce air, I close my eyes and imagine them as dolphins, with his good-natured and benevolent air.
Three mascarons back to emerge in the backrest, aligned horizontally, each extending with their large vertical stress tails. The decorative elements that characterize this monument of baroque expression, articulates religious and zoomorphic representations, a double allusive iconography family Refóios Hail and water.
The symbolism of dolphins
Fix these cetaceans again? animals I love so much. In the mists of memory, meeting the following Greek legend: a set of Buccaneers after agrilhoarem Dionysus to the mast of his ship, fell overboard and were transformed into dolphins. This adorable animal is so, from ancient Greece, a strong symbol connected to waters and regenerescência. It is also a sign of divination, Wisdom, Kindness, Prudence, still having loads psicompômpica.
Plutarch- The Seven Sages
The magnificent narrative of Plutarch- the Seven Sages, that arreigou me since late childhood (Arion imagined me in childhood and adolescence Quixote), indicates the passage of excitement and imaginative terrors for serenity and spiritual light of contemplation, by the intervention of kindness, through the rescuer diving and beneficent air of dolphins. Perceive themselves at the three stages of spiritual evolution: predominance of emotion and imagination; intervention of kindness, love or devotion; and finally, the lighting in the glory of inner peace- able to make us quiet when everything (or nearly all) nos aniquila. Maybe the monsters is naive, or even blind can see them kindness and prudence.

Desfaçamos this mule daydreaming and get back to the fountain: with his good urban environment, its strong scenographic look and allegorical; Now let's see the fineness of the steps leading up the tank, banks and stylish side tables (sketch here some notes that will serve me for this post), and the low walls topped by pyramidal spiers.
Curious to know is that my friends egitanenses, know of its existence, but ignore the Baroque jewel you have there…and here I feel the call of the sea that calls us, so far in this harsh ridges Beira cool and gloomy, Cuddle hypothetical dolphins or sea monsters- the reader decide when you come here.

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  1. Henry de Noronha hail of Lobo

    Glad to know, the fountain of my grandfather's house Mendo Saraiva was not lost and that is quite evident in the city of Guarda, I have searched quite this picture but always with the name of the wrong fountain because I know that the origin was a Thursday where my grandfather was born and lived in Sailing.
    I know that when a house was sold in the Village Candle was then transformed into a retirement home but have been trying to find pictures on the net and can not.
    I recognize as well as the Crest of the fountain inherited on the death of my Father one Chair or Chair Dressing with the same engraved shield

    1. Rui Sérgio Pires de Oliveira

      Good night, someone help me?

      My maternal grandmother's name was Mary Ana Saraiva de Oliveira Costa Refóios, feleceu the fifties and I know it was a cabinetmaker who fled to Ponte de Lima(?), her father was Navy,
      Almirante your general, who was first cousin of General Craveiro Lopes, that Teves 22 sons and was a woman of fiber. These are my memories of childhood and they told me kid, she told me to be Baroness Refóios and have been disinherited by his marriage without parental approval.
      Coriosidade always had to know more about my ancestors but despite this and my nearly seventy years have not decided yet to go to the tower tumble investigate. As far found these texts relatives of Francisco Costa Saraiva Refóios I ask you a favor if they know anything about it let me know.
      Thank you for your attention,

      1. Filipa Sousa de Macedo

        Rui Oliveira, good afternoon!

        Down from the branch that united the Refoios to Craveiro Lopes, get to do this my answer please tell me.

        Thank you!

        Filipa Macedo

      2. Filipa Sousa de Macedo

        The son of the one and only Baron red Francisco Saraiva Refoios (who had the same father's name), married Rita Ameno Miranda, daughter of Ana Isabel Craveiro Lopes,
        They had at eleven children, whose baptism records found in the Torre do Tombo, one grandmother of my grandmother.
        Your grandmother probably also descend from this branch!

        Well there and thank you!

        Filipa Macedo

    2. Name * Sílvia

      I live in the village of VELA and to this day you can hear stories of their ancestors, coordinates from house 40.44164 -7.31282 , this fountain is made up of two small fountains that are still in the house. This fountain was a birthday present from the husband to the wife and the kings of Portugal were present at this event, it denotes the importance of the family. At the far end of the property’s boundaries there is a tea house/viewpoint with the same family crest

  2. Nuno Refoyos

    Caro Henrique…the Fountain of Saraiva Refoyos (or, now, Refóios) was the home of his great-uncle (My great-grandfather) Francisco Saraiva Refoyos, while the fifth was inherited by his (great-grandfather) e avô. Hence the name you saved.

    1. Maria Duarte

      My paternal grandfather (late in the decade of 70) He was the grandson of Doña Luisa Saraiva de Reffoios. My grandfather always told me that this fountain was coming from the candle from which would originate their ancestors by his grandmother. This is my great-grandmother, Doña Maria Luísa Saraiva de Reffoios, He lived with a lifetime pension in St. Stephen, parish Sabugal. It was always a mystery, for us, the life of this lady who came isolate the village and where he had a daughter, Maria Jose Salzedas (because married Joaquim Salzedas) what would be the mother of my maternal grandfather.
      I know that in sailing there were two estranged families and rivals: the Saraiva de Reffoios and Póvoas. These families would take different parties at the time of civil war and never understood…. It would have been to get away from these disputes that my great-grandmother would be “shelter” in St. Stephen?! We do not know…

      1. Filipa Sousa de Macedo

        Dear Nuno Refoyos,

        I've noticed that the “your” Francisco will not be the same as the “my” Francisco but the descendant of a brother of yours, although the red Baron has also lived in the Solar Sail…

        Thank you!

        Filipa Macedo

    2. Filipa Sousa de Macedo

      Dear Nuno Refoyos,

      Francisco Saraiva de Refoyos that speech is the Baron of red, General liberal forces?
      If he is also my grandfather 5. From what I can investigate it had only one child, the same name, this with extensive descent but, beyond us, I had not yet found anyone today…
      passionate figure this my ancestor!

      Thank you

      Filipa Macedo

  3. Manuel da Cruz de Sousa

    Caro Henrique

    See in the Guard there is a grave of Mendo Coast Saraiva. Within walking distance there is another belonging to Pedro da Costa. Have a concrete idea who this Pedro da Costa and would have died in that year?

    Thankful in advance

    Manuel C. Sousa

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